The easy way to reduce robocalls on your smartphone

We can go to space, see the entire world, and have the power of the internet all in our pocket, but we can’t seem to get away from cold callers harassing our answering machine! Surely there must be a way to keep them out of our lives forever? Especially as there are more than 375,000 complaints each and every month. Something has to be done.

Check with your provider

Some providers offer apps that screen incoming calls before your phone begins to ring to see if they are legit, or should be avoided. If the app feels as though the call seems suspicious, then it could react in many ways. It could send an alert letting you know that there is an incoming call that may lead you talking to a robot, or they could also hang up the line before your phone even rings. Sometimes these options are free, while other times your carrier may charge each month.

Download an alternative

If your carrier doesn’t offer up a way to avoid those nuisance calls, then why should you miss out on a quieter life? There are many apps that are supported by many app stores that will do the job for you without the need of asking your carrier for advice. They usually sit in the background of your phone and are there to check any incoming calls before you have to answer to another robot. They typically work by tapping into vast databases that include lists and lists of numbers that have been reported to be robocalls. Once again, these could be free, but you may also have to pay for the privilege.

Upgrade away

Deflecting robocalls may be as simple as updating your phone. That doesn’t mean heading to the store and forking out on a brand new model. Instead, head to the hardware updates and see if there is something waiting to be installed on your phone. As nuisance calls are becoming more and more apparent with every year that passes, many phone manufacturers have been working towards ways to eliminate them from daily lives. Sometimes, a hardware update is all it takes to stop the calls flooding in. Could it really be that simple?

Blocking plan

If all else fails, it may be time to get blocking. This may not be able to solve all the issues if the calls are coming in from different numbers every time, but could help eliminate some of the problems you are suffering through. Many phones offer various ways to block numbers meaning they won’t be able to get in contact with you or leave a message on your answering machine. Even a few less calls a day would be a welcomed relief.

Although it looks as though we will never be able to beat the call centers as they set about selling us everything from phone upgrades to trips to the moon, it looks as though there may finally be a way to reduce the number of nuisances we are getting a day. Now it’s time to get the cells out and get cracking on removing ourselves from the firing line of robocalls.