Is Deadpool 3 coming soon?

Deadpool broke so many barriers fans didn’t even know needed breaking. The first movie was such a massive hit that it secured its place in the superhero – antihero? – world and won itself a sequel. What we also see with Deadpool is an intrinsic link to the X-Men world, although we don’t see any of the big-hit characters in any of the other movies. Probably because the X-Men world is focusing on the earlier lives of favorite characters as can be seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past and First Class. Nonetheless, Deadpool 2 made that link even stronger, with the introduction of time travel making the idea of seeing more X-Men characters even stronger.

Is Deadpool 3 coming soon?

Is Deadpool 3 confirmed yet?

Fans have been desperately trying to discover whether there will be a third installment to this ever-expanding franchise. Thankfully, back in January, Ryan Reynolds let the world know that they are intending on doing a third Deadpool movie, but it won’t be what everyone’s expecting. This is music to fan’s ears, especially since Deadpool is hugely popular as a result of being completely different to any other superhero movie we’ve come across so far, so different in this case can only mean great things.

What are they planning?

While the first Deadpool movie was an origins movie, the second was expanding on a plotline and setting up some exciting prospects for the future. One of those is the idea that time travel is possible for these guys, as exemplified by Deadpool standing in front of a baby leader of Germany during WWII, and the revival of girlfriend Vanessa.

Reynolds noted that, while the Deadpool movies have been a massive hit with fans, he doesn’t believe you can continue repeating the same narrative of love, loss, and sarcasm. While it may have worked for two movies so far, it’s unlikely to work for a third. This is why he believes the franchise is going to move in a totally different direction, although that direction is not yet confirmed.

What are the possibilities?

There’s no real knowing what direction they can take, considering the sky’s the limit when it comes to Deadpool, they don’t even need to worry about age ratings since it’s directed toward adult fans. However, the Deadpool comics can act as a rough guide, as some can see Vanessa becoming the character she was originally created to be; Copycat.

Copycat is described as a previous member of the X-Force and is the mutant version of the Vanessa we have currently seen in the Deadpool movies. Moviemakers have been toying with this idea since the first movie, but nothing has been confirmed as yet. Others have noted that the X-Force could become the focal point, developing their story and solidifying their role in the universe alongside Deadpool as the tongue-in-cheek mercenary type.


When will it be released?

There is currently no release date planned for the feature film. However, that’s not necessarily bad news considering Deadpool 2 was only released in May 2018 and they have a lot of content to consider and cover. Also, there’s a chance that Disney’s acquisition of the rights to 20th Century Fox has affected the release date, as this affects which studio makes the movie.

So, while there is currently no release date, it’s worth keeping those keen eyes peeled for future Deadpool movies and appearances. For the meantime, it’s worth enjoying the hilarious adverts and cameos that Ryan Reynolds blesses us with.