How to cure your smartphone problem

If we’re all being honest, we would admit that, as a society, we definitely spend too much time on our smartphones. It’s not always deliberate, but they have become such a major part of the way we live our lives these days. Smartphones basically run our lives, and we use them to do everything, so no wonder we spend so much of our time during the day on our phones.

The trouble is that this isn’t healthy for us in terms of socializing, or what it’s doing to our brains. You have to make sure you do as much as you can to limit your cell phone use during the day. You don’t want to become too dependent on it, and it’s important to actually have some social, human interactions. So, here are some of the best things you can do to help you cure this smartphone addiction you have.

Change your habits

One of the easiest ways of reducing the amount you use your phone is to adjust your habits. This won’t be easy to start with, but, once you adopt new habits, it will feel the most natural way of doing things. In fact, there is a big link between daily routine and the amount you use your phone. You probably even have specific times of day where you are checking your phones, and you need to change this. For instance, we advise you not to keep the phone in your bedroom when you go to sleep. If you’re at work, and you don’t need your phone, lock it away somewhere, and make sure you are disciplined with this – it will greatly reduce your phone usage over time.

Reconfigure your phone

It’s often notifications that provide the biggest thrall for those wanting to check their phones. Knowing you have a message or email because your phone keeps going ‘Ping!’ can be very distracting. If you want to reduce the usage of your phone, you should make sure you make a few changes here and there. One of the big ones would be to put your phone on silent so you’re not bothered by the sound of notifications all the time, though they will come through. A better idea would be to turn your phone to Flight Mode, that way you disable alerts for a temporary period of time.

Shame yourself with apps

If you’re really struggling, and you’re not disciplined enough, it’s time to take some drastic action. That means you need to make sure you start getting tough and shaming yourself as much as you possibly can. The best way of doing that is to make sure you download specific apps that will compile data on how much you’re using your phone, as well as apps that block your use of apps for certain lengths of time. Some of these apps that we suggest you check out include AppDetox, Forest, and Flipd.

Have a tech-free day

Another excellent idea would be to have a tech-free day at least once a week. Try to set aside a day where you don’t use any technology, or, at the very least, you limit your intake and usage as much as possible. For example, we understand it is difficult to have a tech-free day when you’re at work, but, if that’s the case, try to make sure you only use what you need for work. Eventually, you will get used to having a day without technology – you never know, it might change your life!

Smartphone addiction is a very real problem for a lot of people, and we become too reliant on our phones to do everything for us. Human interaction is one of the most important things and is ideal for enriching your life. Try to significantly limit your smartphone use over the course of a day, and see how much time you manage to free up, and how much more you can get done.