The craziest theories about the Harry Potter books

This year marked the 20-year anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit this magical series of novels, as well as the stunning movies it spawned. We felt like this was the right time to look back over the series and check out some of the best fan theories over the years. There have been loads of different theories over the years that have been presented by fans – some plausible, others, frankly, ridiculous.

The wonder of the Harry Potter series is that is has influenced and inspired so many, and has captured the imaginations of millions across the world. In spite of the rich and varied makeup of the seven novels, fans have constantly searched for more in the world of Harry Potter, and this has given rise to a lot of fan theories. So, wands out, here are some of our personal favorites when looking at crazy Harry Potter theories.

The craziest theories about the Harry Potter books

Professor McGonagall is a Death Eater

No, you didn’t misread – this is an ACTUAL fan theory. The fact that there is very little evidence to back it up only serves to heighten the absurdity of it. It is largely focused on particular comments she makes about Muggles, as well as her love of quidditch, and her transfiguration abilities. Also, the fact that McGonagall seems to be quite a guarded character who we never find out too much about pays into the theory. But, don’t worry, we think it’s just as riddikulus as you do!

The Dursleys are nasty because Harry is a Horcrux

Okay, so, while we don’t quite buy this one, it is a theory with a little more weight to it. We found out later in the series, specifically the Deathly Hallows, that Horcruxes can have a negative impact on people who are around them. For instance, Ron and is affected by the locket and turns a little more mean and angsty. It’s not outside of the realms of possibility that the Dursleys could have been affected in a similar way by Harry, as he is kind of a Horcrux. Or, it could just be that they are naturally mean and hate the boy! If it’s the first one, we feel pretty bad for hating the Dursleys! The biggest argument against this theory is – why didn’t Harry affect Ron, Hermione and everyone else he was in close contact with the same way? Surely they would have all become mean and irritable if Harry being a horcrux affected people like the locket did?

Ron is Dumbledore

Just spat your butterbeer out, didn’t you?! Well, we can’t say we blame you, and we’re going to file this one under ‘far-fetched.’ But let’s hear a little about the theory before we fully condemn it. There are a few things that link to this theory – the first being the game of Wizard’s Chess where Ron plays a Knight and a King. The Knight, as we know, is Ron, but people think the King represents Dumbledore, and that Ron is a time-traveling version of the Hogwarts headmaster. There is talk of similarities between the two in terms of physique and personality; both also have (or had for Dumbledore) red hair and large hands, and both characters also have a love of candy. It’s far-fetched, but this is one of the more fun crazy theories!

The craziest theories about the Harry Potter books

These three are our personal favorites among the pantheon of crazy Harry Potter theories. There are some theories out there that actually carry quite a bit of weight, and that J.K. Rowling herself has even commented on. But, we are content in the fact that these three are utterly bonkers and completely untrue. However, that doesn’t stop us from having fun thinking about them the whole time!