Coolest things invented in garages

There have been so many epic inventions that have wound up changing the world for the better. Whether it’s the wheel, sliced bread, or aqueducts, invention has always been at the forefront of a developing society. The internet is arguably the most important and influential modern invention, but there are so many things we take for granted that once started with nothing more than an idea.

So, you might be wondering where many of these amazing inventions took place, and it might not be where you would think! The garage seems to be the place to be if you want to come up with the next wonderful invention. So much more than simply a space to park your car, the garage has evolved into a hub of innovation and creativity. Here are some of the most amazing things you never knew were actually invented in a garage…

Coolest things invented in garages

Dyson vacuum cleaner

James Dyson’s quest to create the ultimate vacuum cleaner was relentless, and it has since become the stuff of legend. Many of you probably even own a Dyson, but what you might not know is that James Dyson spent five years working studiously in the back of his garage, going through prototype after prototype (more than 5,000), until he finally cracked it and invented the perfect vacuum cleaner. Just think, if it weren’t for the inspirational nature of his garage, we may never have had the Dyson, and household chores would be that much more strenuous!

A missile

Yes, believe it or not, an actual missile was invented in a garage! The Sidewinder missile was actually claimed to have been invented in a couple of garages. At least, that is according to the Defense Media Network. Of course, this was over 60 years ago so we would hope that by now the military has taken a different course of action and that they have actual secure labs in which they make these things. Can you imagine finding out you lived next door to someone who was cooking up a missile in their garage? Yeesh!

Hewlett-Packard partnership

There is an urban myth that the first Apple computer was invented in a garage, but this is, unfortunately, not true. However, another important creation in the world of computing happened in a Silicon Valley garage, and that was the formation of the Hewlett-Packard partnership! In 1938, Bill Hewlett moved into a small place next to his buddies Dave and Lucille Packard. Though it was too early to actual begin inventing computers, they formed the fruitful partnership that would eventually achieve this, and they invented an oscillator that they sold to Disney. From tiny acorns, mighty oaks do grow.

Coolest things invented in garages

The garage might not seem like the most glamorous of spaces to change the world, but you would be surprised how much of a role the garage has played in developing amazing inventions. There is just something about this space that seems to bring out the best in people and get those creative juices flowing. We wonder what other future inventions might be cooked up in the dark depths of someone’s garage!