The coolest gadgets we’ve seen in movies

The great thing about movies is that they don’t have to deal with real-world physics the same way that we do. With plenty of creative licenses many filmmakers and script writes have created some of the most hotly desired gadgets we all wish we could have.

Lightsabers – Star Wars

Lightsabers are cool. The way they light up, and the noises they make as they are swung just make them even better. The noises have resulted in many imitations by kids and adults across the globe, and many replicas have been wielded turning young children into deadly Jedi warriors.

The coolest gadgets we’ve seen in movies

Power loader – Aliens

There are not many people that will take on a deadly alien species and live to tell the tale. Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, in the sci-fi sequel Aliens straps herself into a hydraulic power loader suit and goes head to head with an alien queen. Each movement she takes makes a mechanical noise, and every time she takes a step we are treated to a satisfying thud. The suit is cool and we would happily work as human forklifts if we got to wear one of those!

Self-tying laces – Back to the Future II

The creators of sci-fi adventure sequel Back to the Future II imagined a crazy futuristic world. They assumed 2015 would be full of flying cars, hoverboards, and self-fitting clothes. While they might not have hit the mark with everything, they did predict that self-tying laces would be a thing. Protagonist Marty McFly puts on a pair of self-tying Nike sneakers to the envy of audiences across the world. Thankfully in 2016, Nike released them to the world.

Neuralyzer – Men in Black

We all have those days we wish we could forget. In sci-fi action Men in Black, the secret agents have a device that can erase people’s memories which is used to help cover up the fact that aliens live right under our noses. This device could help make people forget all about our embarrassing moments from our lives if we were lucky enough to have on in our possession.

Life remote control – Click

Okay, this is definitely the best invention ever, or it would be if it were real. In the comedy movie Click, Adam Sandler’s character finds a remote control that allows him to pause, fast-forward, and rewind moments in his life. It means that we can go to work, fast-forward through all of that boring stuff and then, when its home time, can enjoy our free time. You can enjoy the finer moments in life without having to suffer through the hard times, perfect.

Dog translating collar – Up

People owning dogs as pets is increasing globally, and our furry little friends are more popular than ever. What would be great would be to know what our little pooches are thinking. In the Pixar animation Up, a dog named Dug wears a collar that translates doggie language to English. Unsurprisingly he is enthusiastic to retrieve balls and loves chasing squirrels. Just like most other dogs then!

The coolest gadgets we’ve seen in movies

Shrinking suit – Ant-Man

In the comic book action movie Ant-Man, the main character wears a suit that allows him to shrink down to the size of an ant. This means he gains access to all kinds of places. Think of all the buildings you could get into if only you were the size of a tiny insect. This is definitely one of the coolest movie gadgets around.

Some of these items have been so popular it has encouraged inventors to try to bring them from the big screen into stores, while, sadly, others will have to remain a fantasy gadget for now. We can’t wait until someone develops that remote control that allows us to finish work in seconds though!