Cool and easy science experiments you can do at home

Do you fancy yourself as the next Albert Einstein? Thankfully, we don’t always need a lab to be a scientist. In fact, these cool and easy science experiments you can do at home could be all you need to impress your friends with your skills.

Lava lamp

Making a homemade lava lamp might not be as tough as we once thought. Water and oil won’t mix together, making them perfect components for our lamp. Start by adding water and oil to the same jar until all the water sinks to the bottom. Then, all you need to do is drop in some food coloring until the water turns to the color you’d like. Finish up your experiment by crumbling in some antacids. This will react with the water, causing it to rise all the way to the top of the jar before they pop and sink back to the bottom – making it look as though you’ve got your very own lava lamp.

Lava lamps

Rainbow in a glass

Adding sugar to water means that it has different densities. This is the perfect starting point to create a rainbow in a glass. All you need to do is get four cups of water and add one spoonful of sugar to one, two to another, three to the next, and four to the last. Continue mixing the water until all the sugar is dissolved before adding in a few drops of different food coloring to each and stirring again. Finally, carefully spoon the mixtures on top of one another in a clean glass with the most sugar-sense water at the bottom, and the colors should stay separate.

Colored celery

This is a simple yet fun experiment for anyone wanting to change the color of celery. It once again requires a glass of water with some drops of food coloring. Simply cut the celery at one end and place them into the glass and leave them for a few hours. When you come back, the celery will have sucked up the colored water, leaving colored stripes through the veins of the vegetable. Another way to try this experiment is to get some small white flowers as they will suck up the colored water and change the petals to the color of the mixture as a result.

Colored celery

Tornado in a bottle

All you need for this easy science experiment are two bottles, some water, and a tube that you can use to connect your bottles together. Simply add the water to the top bottle with a little colored liquid, such as food coloring, before joining the two bottles together. Spin the bottle around until you have a tornado of colored liquid before standing them with the empty one at the bottom. The water will continue to tornado as the liquid pours down and is caught in the bottle below. The best bit? All you need to do is re-spin the bottle and turn it back the other way to enjoy your tornado in a bottle all over again.

We don’t all need a white coat and lab to feel like a scientist – although it might help. These cool and easy science experiments you can do at home can help us to feel like the scientist inside that’s always been longing to come out.