Confessions of a Crazy Dog Mom

I always grew up with a dog in the house. First there was the family’s faithful golden Labrador, then our stunning Siberian Husky, and finally, the first small dog I ever owned and the first one that I adopted entirely by myself, the Dachshund and Pug mix of perfection that is, Stella. Let me just state this now, I am a crazy dog mom. What does it mean to be a crazy dog mom? It means I put my dog before most human beings in my life, and would rather be with her than go out sometimes. Her food is hyper allergenic because she’s allergic to chicken and gluten (she’s super trendy with her gluten intolerance), and we cuddle ourselves to sleep every single night together.


Stella has literally been man’s best friend to me. She was there for me through thick and thin (as if she had a choice in the matter), licking tears and wagging her tail all the time. She stands up on her hind legs when she wants a bite from my food, which, unless it’s chocolate, she usually gets. A crazy dog mom like me understands what a true gift it is to own a dog, and how much the relationship is entirely two way – she does for me as much, if not more, than I do for her. Acknowledging that Stella is like a child to me, is what being a crazy dog mom, or just plain dog mom, is all about.


While we don’t go everywhere together, thanks to Stella’s annoying habit of crying at every bird, cat, or leaf, I do spend as much time with her as I can when I’m home; I’m a self-proclaimed homebody so that’s not a problem. We watch movies together, we play together and when people come over, she gets even more attention seeing as she’s too darn cute to ignore and she’ll make it very hard for you to ignore her if you tried. Part of being a dog person like me means that I don’t trust those who don’t like dogs and I do trust Stella when she doesn’t like someone – she always knows!

I have a vet membership for her, because her health is number one! She gets summoned to the vet every three months for shots, and is said to be the most well-behaved patient they have; she literally jumps up at the vet on that giant metal table, wagging her tail for joy, not caring that she’s about to be stabbed with a needle; my girl! All in all, having a dog is the greatest joy (and yes, sometimes annoyance), you are never truly alone with a dog in the house, and there is nothing like being greeted every single day by a furry friend who was just waiting for you to get home.