Who are Cloak and Dagger? The comic book origins of Marvel’s new hit TV show

When you’re a little bored or sad, and looking for something to cheer you up, you can always count on Marvel. Yep, they are awesome. Whether you’re a movie buff, a comic book nerd or a TV series fiend, these intricate and detailed storylines will keep you entertained for hours and transform you to a whole new world of superpowers and evil villains. Over the past few years, the likes of Spiderman, Luke Cage, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Jessica Jones and The Avengers have all stepped up to the plate in the Marvel Universe – but it seems as though they may have a new contender on their hands. Here come Cloak and Dagger!

What’s the show about?

If you haven’t heard of Cloak and Dagger, you don’t need to worry – because you’ll soon know everything there is to know about this comic book series and TV show. The show itself has recently been released on Freeform and follows the life of Tandy (Dagger) and Tyrone (Cloak) as they battle with their newfound superpowers. Although they both have their own awesome mutations and powers, they soon discover that they are much more similar than they first thought. They band together to save the world and rid the world of evil, and they’re pretty darn awesome. Although they have had their own comic book series for decades, they have also made a few appearances here and there in other comics, including The Spectacular Spider-Man. However, this is the first time they have been given a chance to showcase their powers on the big screen…

Who are Cloak and Dagger? The comic book origins of Marvel’s new hit TV show

How did they get their powers?

Every Marvel superhero has a backstory, and most of them gain their powers in the weirdest and wonderful ways. Luckily, Tandy and Tyrone aren’t any different. Tandy spent her early years living a life of luxury and living with a rich mother who didn’t pay any attention to her, while Tyrone spent his early years living in poverty and witnessing the horrors of crime on the streets. Despite their polar upbringings, the pair are both chosen by the evil D’Spayre to take part in an experiment. So, they’re kidnapped from their homes and injected with synthetic toxins. By the time they realize where they are and what’s happened, it’s too late. They have mutated. They have powers. With what little energy they have left, they escape from D’Spayre’s evil clutches.

What’s with the shadow and light?

What’s amazing about these two superheroes is that their powers are just as opposite as their upbringings. Tandy is the light, and Tyrone is the shadow – and their powers reflect this. Cloak has the ability to create a portal with his cloak and transport himself and his enemies to a whole new dimension, and he also has the ability to become an almost ghost-like presence. However, he does have one weakness… he needs light to survive. Thankfully, Tandy is on hand to do this and uses her ability to create energy daggers to feed her friend. She also uses these to take down her enemies, but also help those in need. Together, they become shadow and light and do everything they can to save humanity and take down the bad guy. I mean, how cool are these guys?

Who are Cloak and Dagger? The comic book origins of Marvel’s new hit TV show

Marvel can never put a foot wrong, and they are constantly gifting us with new stories and interlinking narratives to add to our superhero obsession. While we would normally be excited about a new television show, we’re even more excited for this one. After all, we all need a bit of shadow and light in our lives…