Celebrities you didn’t know were gamers

It can be easy to forget that celebrities are real people too. After all, their lives are so different from our own that we often think they spend all of their time at lavish parties or living the high life. However, plenty of celebs have very similar hobbies to our own – including gaming! These are some of the most surprising celebrity gamers.

Christina Applegate

The star of Married… With Children and Anchorman became so obsessed with one particular game that it actually made her unwell! She admitted that back in 2009, she played Guitar Hero for so long that it actually gave her an ocular migraine for two weeks straight. Allegedly, she would also play Guitar Hero in between shooting for the sitcom Samantha Who?. Christina Applegate once told Jay Leno in an interview that being so good at the game was not actually a skill and “it’s just coordination.” Still, we’d love to shred with Applegate!

Mila Kunis

If you saw ‘that’ World of Warcraft commercial a few years back, then actually you might not be too surprised to learn that Mila Kunis is a self-confessed gamer. When this actress was doing some promo work for Black Swan, she admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that she is part of a very serious guild on the popular MMORPG game. Long before WoW, however, Mila Kunis admits that she used to be a huge fan of another roleplaying game, Settlers of Catan. Add this to the fact that she starred in the Max Payne movie, based on the video game, and voiced a character in the Saints Row video game, and it’s clear Mila Kunis is a gaming geek through and through.

Daniel Craig

Can you imagine James Bond playing video games? Well, he does! Daniel Craig has spoken a few times about the kinds of games that he loves, including ones with a “big fat story line” and stuff like Halo where he can take down aliens. He also admitted that he’s not a huge fan of the GTA series as it makes him “feel dirty.” However, he’s said that he doesn’t have too much time to play games – probably because he’s a super busy Hollywood star, and has admitted that if he did have a ton of free time, he’d probably “fritter it away” gaming.

Cara Delevingne

Another celebrity who has appeared in a commercial for a video game, and apparently not just because she was getting paid! According to the Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Activision, Todd Harvey, Cara Delevingne would attend their events simply because she wanted to play the latest Call of Duty games. This supermodel loves nothing more than to kick back and play CoD, whenever she gets the time. Imagine playing online and discovering Cara Delevingne was on your team!

Who knew that so many celebrities love playing video games?! The next time someone tells us we’re wasting our time playing games, perhaps we should clap back with “Well, James Bond does it. Literally.” Now, we’re off to dig out Guitar Hero.