You can know if you’re an Android or iOS person according to these personality traits

Have you ever wondered what your phone says about you? No, we don’t mean what it whispers about you when your back is turned – what we mean is have you ever wondered what your choice of phone says about your personality?

Well if you have, there’s been a discussion going around lately on the topic of what it means to be an ‘Android person’ or an ‘iOS person’. In fact, there’s been more than just a discussion, there’s been genuine scientific research into what our phones say about our behaviors, habits, and even our characters.

If you’re either an Android or iOS person, then take a look at these personality traits that supposedly come with either software. You’ll be surprised at how much they can tell you about yourself.


Personality traits of…an iOS person

iPhones are clearly the current number one choice of smartphone, so iOS users tend to follow the crowd. In terms of demographics, iPhone users are more likely to be female and of a younger age. Research suggests this is because less time and thought is put into making a decision on what phone to get.

They are also more likely to be extroverts, with outgoing personalities and a stronger desire to gain social status. Why? Because they see their phone as a symbol of social status – they couldn’t for the life of them be seen with an Android!

‘Trendy’ and ‘sporty’ are two other personality traits thought to be linked to iOS users. They’re much more likely to follow trends and keep up to date with the latest fashions. They’re also considered to be more active, sports-type people. So is that why you always see people on their phones at the gym?

Personality traits of…an Android person

Taken from a general, broad perspective, Android users are thought to be comparably different in terms of demographics. Studies show that they tend to be older users and more predominantly male. It’s also suggested they are wealthier too – keen on buying a phone that gives them all the latest technology that they need.

Most notably, android users are also thought to be more “honest” – perhaps this is because they don’t mind being honest and standing up in front of a crowd of iPhone users and proudly admitting they are an Android user. Shame! Shame! Shame!

As well as honesty, they are also much more likely to break the rules and disconnect themselves from social norms and conformity. Makes sense, right? However, for all you Android users out there who are feeling a little targeted right now, also note that you’re supposedly more kind and humble. On the other hand, iPhone users are much more likely to be more mean-spirited and closed-minded. Oh, the shade!


Please take these facts with a pinch of salt. In fact, they’re not even facts – they’re just a summary of findings that research has found over the years. Most of the research carried out has been based on surveys and questionnaires, and a lot of the results are summarised, so don’t worry too much about whether you’re a mean person because you have an iPhone. Everyone is different in their own right with varying traits of personality, so embrace it!