The best YouTube channels for tech geeks

If everything tech-related is right up your alley, you are not alone. The world has heard the global cry of tech geeks and has come through with some fantastic channels just for you. Gone are the days of flicking through the channels and hoping to find something vaguely entertaining to watch. Regular television is now totally obsolete. Not only is there some incredible content available to satiate the geek’s ever-growing hunger for anything techy, but it is all available right now, whenever we want it. We have picked the creme de la creme of what YouTube has to offer on all things tech.


This channel covers a really broad spectrum of anything tech-related. Phones, computers, software, even the science of some home appliances. The videos are well made, not too long, and are entertaining and educational to watch. The channel started back in 2012 and has since gained 3.01 million subscribers. They have 687 videos with plenty more to come in the future.

The best YouTube channels for tech geeks


If computers are the drive of that inner geek force, then this one is a winner. Well, 1.47 million subscribers can’t be wrong. The channel started in May 2013 and has since posted almost 600 videos on just about anything and everything to do with computers. The footage is well made, makes use of different hosts and interviews with industry experts to bring their followers some really decent content and info.

This Week in Tech (TWiT)

This channel has been going for six years and is more like a tech talk show. They have 34.8 thousand subscribers and 352 videos that average around two to three hours in length. For those who enjoy in-depth discussions on all things tech-related, as well as how-to demonstrations, this one’s for you.


This channel has been active for about a year now and they have almost 9000 subscribers. Super geeky entertainment is what they are all about. Videos are in varying lengths and revolve around geeks trying stuff for sheer entertainment and a few laughs. Overall it looks like the creators are having fun with this channel and that’s really what we love to see.

Austin Evans

This channel helps it’s 3.89 million subscribers to stay up to date with the latest tech and gadgets available in the market. He puts a fun spin on all his videos, which keeps them entertaining and has a great way of simplifying tech jargon so just about everyone can understand. Austin even gives his viewers a good idea of the value of gadgets and whether or not they are overpriced or worth your hard-earned cash. This channel was started in 2009 and has almost 1600 videos.

The best YouTube channels for tech geeks


For tech news from all around the globe, go ahead and join their 2.3M other subscribers. Product reviews, tutorials, general information, and exclusive interviews all fall within the niche of this channel. They have been going since 2006 and have a whopping 19,238 videos in their arsenal.

What an exciting time we live in, especially when it comes to tech. There is so much going on and it can be hard to keep up in this ever-changing industry. Thankfully there are these great channels available to help us stay informed, educated, and thoroughly entertained.