The best wireless headphones on the market today

If you’ve had enough of untangling wires but still want a way to shut yourself away from the world then look no further; it could be time to take a look at the best wireless headphones on the market today. At last, all our worries could be over.

Sony WH-1000XM3

These wireless headphones are great for anyone wanting a pair of lightweight headphones that offer up excellent noise-canceling properties. As if that wasn’t enough, the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones also come built with a “Quick Attention” mode which means you can choose to hear everything from the outside world without having to remove your gadgets. Perfect. They even offer up some of the best sound on the market today making these an excellent investment for any music lover.

The best wireless headphones on the market today

Bose QuietControl 30

If you want noise-canceling wireless headphones but would prefer a sleeker option, then it could be time to think about in-ear buds instead. Bose has been a leading seller on the market for many years, and now they have put all of their expertise toward creating the QuietControl 30. The neckband makes them perfect for anyone traveling as you can wear them through an entire flight, while the battery lasts for eight hours meaning there’s plenty of time to enjoy all your media without an issue.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Perhaps you can’t resist the bulkier headphone option? Thankfully, Bose has you covered. As well as incredible comfort and almost unbeatable sound quality, these headphones also come with the famous Bose noise canceling features many of us have grown used to over the years. Still not enough? The QuietComfort 35 II come with a Google Assistant button as well as a battery that will last over 20 hours once fully charged. And they say the perfect things don’t exist?

Apple AirPods

Of course, Apple helped to pave the way for many wireless headphones thanks to the release of their AirPods. Being designed by the company means they efficiently work with other Apple products, but that’s not all. AirPods can last for twenty hours and come with a portable charging case that will keep them topped up all day long. Plus, their sleek design means you can look on top of the fashion game thanks to these little additions.

The best wireless headphones on the market today

Jabra Move Wireless

Thankfully, not all wireless headphones mean we have to rob a bank. In fact, the Jabra Move Wireless headphones are at the lower end of the scale yet still offer some incredible features with for their price. The battery lasts eight hours while they have a range of over 30 feet. Although they aren’t fully soundproof like many other headphones on the market, the Jabra Move Wireless headphones will still offer up some superb sound quality.

You might have seen the cool cats walking around town with their wireless headphones, but where do you start when looking for a pair of your own? Thankfully, the best wireless headphones on the market today all offer up their own spin on sound that is sure to leave you with plenty of options.