Best travel destinations for geeks

While it might be sad to accept that of favorite fantasy or sci-fi isn’t real, one way to relieve this pain is to remember that they had to be filmed somewhere! Okay, it might be a bit difficult if the entire thing was shot with green screen and CGI tech, but generally speaking, there are plenty of destinations that will blow your mind and fulfill that geeky need all at once. So, where are the best travel destination for us needy geeks?

New Zealand

If this isn’t on your list of places to go, then you need to add it straight away. New Zealand is the home of one of the most fantastic fantasy series ever, Lord of the Rings of course! In fact, so much of those movies were filmed in New Zealand that we should all just refer to it as Middle Earth. The incredible part is that you don’t need to go looking for the sets; they already have tours ready to show you what the hobbit homes look like in real life. If you want more information about New Zealand you can check out one of these following links with more information:

Best travel destinations for geeks

Vulcan, Alberta

You’ve probably guessed it, this little town has less than 2000 residents and has been described as somewhat rural, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of Star Trek fans from across the globe visiting this place. They have an incredible visitors center with hundreds of pieces of Star Trek memorabilia adorning the place. It’s even said that the late Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock, has visited the place. To walk the same walls as this sci-fi legend, go to Vulcan in Alberta.

Matmata, Tunisia

It might not be so bad for the sci-fi gang, after all, if you’re a Star Wars fan, then Matmata is the place to go. Matmata is known for being the famous home of Luke Skywalker, on Tatooine. This was when he lived with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

Best travel destinations for geeks

There are also several other close-by destinations that were used in the films, such as the Cantina scene; the building can be found in the city of Ajim.

New York City, USA

We’re surprised people still want to live there with how many disasters it seems to have, and that’s just in the Avengers films! New York is a geek’s paradise; just walking the streets will feel like you’re in the middle of a movie scene, but they also have an abundance of stores where you can get one-of-a-kind merchandise and even comic books. If you’re a massive Spider-Man fan, then visit the Flatiron building, where you’ll be seeing the real-life Daily Bugle. How cool is that?

Best travel destinations for geeks

London, England

We don’t know what it is about major cities, but they attract a lot of attention. London is neck-deep in geek, from Harry Potter to Sherlock Holmes, it has it all. Nevermind the city itself, steeped in literary history; they have an abundance of shops and tours that will blow your mind. If it’s merchandise you’re looking for then head down to their Forbidden Planet, you’ll lose yourself.

It’s fantastic having these places ready to visit, because a book, a film or a series generally has to end – except for Supernatural, that doesn’t seem to end – but this is a wonderful way of keeping the stories alive and revisiting them in a different way.