The best Spider-Man comics set outside the US

It was exciting to see Peter Parker stepping foot outside of the US and, instead of being taken to space, he headed to Europe. ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ followed the events as Spider-Man traversed various European countries, trying to stop havoc along the way. While it might have been a new adventure for our on-screen web-slinger, comic book Spider-Man has been all over the place. If you enjoyed seeing Spider-Man step out of his comfort zone, then take a look at some of the best comics set outside of the US.


Heading to France – Amazing Spider-Man 143-144

Everyone loves France, right? Well, at least we’re all pretty fascinated by the Eiffel tower and those wonderful smelling French baguettes. At any rate, Peter Parker heads off to France after he loses Gwen Stacy, and follows a character called Robbie Robertson to Paris. He was told by J. Jameson that Robertson stole $1 million of the Bugle’s cash. Of course, Spidey uncovers ‘Le Cyclone’ who happens to be using Notre Dame as his evil lair, because where else in Paris would a villain hang out? Somehow, Peter defeats him by creating some wind that counteracts Le Cyclone, as you do.

A cuppa in England – Amazing Spider-Man 95

Peter does well at the Bugle and gets sent off on an assignment that takes him over to London. It’s great being a journalist, right? He ends up getting involved in some kind of hostage situation and has to help save the US ambassador, along with his son, from people spreading fear. The villains happen to be hiding out behind Big Ben, as in the block itself, because that’s where every evil villain also hides out. Honestly, they’re not very bright, and this hiding in plain sight thing isn’t working.

Fun in Scotland – Amazing Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth

This comic is a little wild, we’re not going to lie, and consider this a warning. However, if you want to see how Spidey gets on in the great hills of Scotland, read on. Basically, Peter and Mary-Jane head up to the Scottish Highlands for a second honeymoon when crazy events unfold around them. They discover that someone has been kidnapped, and people believe ‘Faeries’ did it. It turns out it wasn’t faeries, it was actually ghosts, because that makes more sense. There’s some stuff about crazy crystals and a hellfire club – read it, it’ll be equally intriguing and hilarious.


Nipping to Canada – He does this a lot

Since Canada isn’t that difficult to get to from the US, or at least it’s easier when you think about the Scottish highlands, it makes sense that Spider-Man would make a few appearances. While many believe Canada is the home to the nicest nation in the world, the Spider-Man comics see more than a few villains coming out of there. One interesting plotline is that Ghost Rider has a Canadian cousin who needed saving, and happens to reward them with tickets to see the Blue Jays. Good times.

Peter in Peru – Spider-Man Annual 2001

Probably the most exotic country on this list, but then we guess they do have to find a good reason to send him there. They give a good one, as this happens while Peter is still in high school and goes on vacation working with the Red Cross in Peru. He gets abducted and discovers that there is a cult who worship ‘The Great Weaver.’ He makes it out, everything is good, Spider-man prevails.

So, it turns out you can enjoy Spider-Man in several countries if a well-traveled Spidey is what you’re after.