The best software for music producers

Music production is not always a cheap way to spend your time. There are many software packages out there that music creators can spend hundreds of dollars on. Not everyone wants to be a full-time music producer, but many people still enjoy building a song as a hobby so won’t want to spend too much money on their software. We have compiled some of the best music production software tools on the market covering all price ranges.


This software is free, so you can’t ask for much more from it. The attraction for many of its users is its simplicity. You can download it to PC or Mac, and it gives its users the chance to edit their tunes and samples while exporting files into the format they wish including AIF, MP3, and WAV. It is a great piece of software for any beginner no matter what genre of music you’re into, helped by the fact it applies a simple user interface making it easy to navigate. Many beginners should start with this tool and work their way up to more sophisticated tools as they improve.

The best software for music producers

Pro Tools

If you have any dreams of breaking into the music production industry, then you’ll need to get familiar with Pro Tools. Having experience with this software will open many doors for you should you wish to pursue it as a career, but it comes at a price. Coming in at $300, this software is not cheap, so you’ll need to be serious about producing if you are investing in this tool. The learning curve is steep on this one, but once you’ve cracked it, you won’t want to use any other software. It is compatible with all computers and can record top-quality sound in real time. You can subscribe for $29.99 per month if you don’t want to shell out 300 bucks in one hit.

Ableton Live

You can get an introductory package of this music producing software from $79 although they do offer a free trial of their complete package for 30 days so you can see if you want to invest more money. One of the best things about it is that it comes with an extensive sound library which means as soon as you get it you can begin creating as many songs as you want. No real instruments required. If you really love the trial and think you can’t live your life without it the complete package will set you back around $500.

The best software for music producers

Sony Acid

One of the oldest recording software tools out there, the latest version of Sony Acid Pro is affordable at around $60. It does everything you need including recording, looping and has MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) support. It comes with around 3,000 sounds as standard, and the software is ideal for beginners and those just beyond that level.

If you’ve been itching to make some music but have been swamped down by reviews of producing software hopefully we have simplified things for you. You will need to address what your budget is and whether your skill level can justify dropping a load of money on some of the more expensive software tools.