The best smartphone apps that will increase your productivity

Most of us are fully glued to our smartphone – about five hours a day, in fact. So if we’re carrying it around with us all day, why don’t we put our smartphone to good use? Here are the best smartphone apps that will increase your productivity. You can thank us later.

Life Cycle

This clever app tracks where you are throughout the day, as well as how long you spend on each task. Everything from commuting to sleep and social time to how long you’re at work or school are covered without you even having to do anything. Then, at the end of the day, week, month, and year you can see where you have spent the majority of your time, as well as learning how that fits with your usual patterns once Life Cycle has enough data. No longer will you wonder where the hours have gone – this smartphone app is here to tell you.


Looking for a way to have all those to-do lists in one place? Look no further; Evernote is here to help. If you’re like us and love listing out your jobs, then this app is there to help keep your mind organized and on track. Plus, you can even add voice reminders or take photos when you’re out and about and might not have the time to type out your latest plans. Still not convinced? Evernote is even able to save any ideas you can work on later. You should never find yourself struggling to remember that groundbreaking plan ever again.


Sometimes it can be just as important to take breaks when it comes to increasing your productivity. After all, how will you be able to improve if you’re burning the candle at both ends? Focusbooster uses the Pomodoro technique. This is a study where it’s thought people should break their work into 25-minute slots before taking a five-minute break. This app is here to remind you when you need to put down the pen and take some time away from the screen, as well as tracking how your progress is coming along.


Perhaps you find a lot of your time goes towards making sure your family is kept up and running? Although family life is a joy – most of the time – it can also be hard work. That’s where Calroo steps in. All you need to do is download the app and delegate chores to people in the house as well as share grocery lists. Now, you have a way to keep on top of your little ones even when you aren’t around, the best bit? You can even set deadlines and send reminders meaning there’ll be no more excuses from now on.


This is a handy app for anyone that receives hundreds of emails a day. Sure, it can be fun to spend our lunch break browsing through all the latest sales, but is this always the best way to spend our time? Yeah, we thought not. Rather than wasting time deleting all those emails each week and sifting through them all to find the important ones, Notion is here to make life just that little bit easier. The app tracks which emails you regularly open as well as learning how you use your inbox to make sure the most important messages are always at the top of your screen. Perfect.

So it looks as though we could be getting something out of our smartphones after all? Who would have guessed! It seems as like it could be time to claim our lives back thanks to these smartphone apps that will increase our productivity and leave more time for the rest of life. It couldn’t get better.