The best science festivals in the world

When you think of a festival, your first thought might turn to music or food, but other types are increasing in popularity through many passionate communities all over the world. Recently, the scientists of the world have begun gathering to celebrate all things cutting edge and forward thinking. We have taken a look at some of the best science festivals the world has to offer.

The best science festivals in the world

USA Science and Engineering Festival

Kicking things off is the Science and Engineering Festival held every two years in Washington D.C. It celebrates the fields of technology, mathematics, engineering and of course, the broader subject of science. One of the best things about this festival is that it is completely free to attend, meaning you and your kids can get up close to science for nothing. This year’s show featured astronauts, chemistry teachers, and marine biologists all aiming to stimulate young people’s minds in their respective fields of interest.

New Scientist Live

New Scientist magazine is published worldwide, with many experts contributing their expert opinions on their subject of expertise. New Scientist has taken all of those brilliant minds and, instead of publishing what they think, are putting them on a stage to demonstrate their theories to a live audience. The publication has called their live event in London the world’s most exciting festival of ideas.

Bluedot Festival

For starters, this festival is held right below a giant telescope. Under the Lovell Telescope, fans of music and science combine to participate in this yearly festival held in the UK. Bluedot festival describes themselves as an intergalactic festival of music and science. There are well known musical artists in attendance as well as some of the most prominent minds on the planet. There are many headline speakers discussing subjects from space exploration, climate change, quantum mechanics and science fiction.

The best science festivals in the world

Philadelphia Science Festival

This festival aims to bring science to everybody. No only aiming their displays and talks to kids, several discussions and demonstrations are held in the evening for adults. There are plenty of exciting activities at this festival held at the Franklin Institute for everybody, and the festival culminates in a science carnival. An all-day event, all members of the family can see the parades of people pass by and get their hands on some experiments while being wowed by the electrifying demonstrations.

Daejeon Science Festival

South Korea is one of the world leaders when it comes to technology and innovation, so it makes sense that there is a pretty awesome science festival held there too. The festival is hosted in the heart of Korea’s technology hub and allows everyone attending to see how science and technology are helping to take the world forward through many demonstrations. The festival is child-friendly, and there are many activities designed to encourage more children to take up an interest in science and technology.

The popularity of science festivals is on the increase, and there are now many popping up across the world designed to give people an insight into how science issued in the world. Many of the science festivals across the world are bringing in experts in their fields to provide those attending with the most cutting-edge knowledge available. There are interactive demonstrations and experiments to keep both kids and adults entertained for hours at a time.