Best online shops for Star Wars fans

Massive Star Wars fan? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world share your passion for the sci-fi franchise. Of course, where there are lots of fans, there’s a lot of merchandise. From clothes and costumes to action figures and collectibles, there’s enough out there to make even the nerdiest of us squeal in pleasure. Want to know where you can find some of this stuff? Here are the online stores you need to check out.

Best online shops for Star Wars fans


If you’ve ever wanted to show off your love for Star Wars on your feet, Po-Zu is a store you should definitely check out. They have a great collection influenced by the franchise for men, women and children. Their selection of sneakers are amazingly stylish, and the boots make a great addition to any cosplay outfit. The average price range is around the $100 mark, but if you take care of them, they’ll last you a long time.

Jedi Robe America

Whether you’re going to an event or you just love cosplay, many Star Wars fans enjoy dressing up as characters from the franchise. If you’re looking for an outfit, Jedi Robe might be the place to go. They have replica outfits for all number of characters, from classics like Han Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi to newer characters like Kylo Ren. Some outfits are more expensive than others, but you don’t have to buy the whole thing if you don’t want to. You can buy individual parts to complement a cosplay look you already have.

Disney Store

Considering that Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars when they purchased Lucasfilm Ltd. back in 2012, it’s no surprise that their online store is full of merchandise for the film series. Their collection is great if you’re a younger fan or you know children who like Star Wars, although there are some items that are great for people of all ages. Whether you’re 8 or 80, you’re probably still going to love drinking out of a ceramic Porg mug.

Big Bad Toy Store

This online store is a good place to look if you’re a die-hard fan searching for great collectibles. The site has an incredible range of detailed action figures, lightsabers and helmets that will prove to everyone how big a fan you are. Of course, this stuff doesn’t come cheap, and some of the helmets cost more than $500. What’s $549.99 though when you can wear a Stormtrooper helmet everywhere?

Best online shops for Star Wars fans

Shepperton Design Studios

Saying that, if it’s a Stormtrooper that you want to look like then Shepperton Design Studios might be the shop for you. The man behind the site, Andrew Ainsworth, was responsible for creating the design of the Stormtroopers in the first movie. Where else to buy your cosplay outfit than from the man who first made their look? Although the store is set in the UK, they ship suits and helmets all over the world.


ThinkGeek is quite possibly the best online store for a comprehensive collection of Star Wars merchandise. The shop has clothes, toys, gadgets and everything else you could think off. Snack bowls, Funko POP! Figures and a coffee press are just some of the things you’ll find when you search Star Wars on the site. Ever wanted a Death Star waffle maker or BB-8 purse? ThinkGeek is the place to go.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, the internet has got you covered. Whatever kind of merchandise you want, there’s at least one shop online that’ll set what you’re after.