The best geek pickup lines

To some, geeks are the cutest people on the planet. And of course, they deserve to be loved and happy too. It’s pretty obvious though, geeks mesh well with other geeks, and the best way to know if the guy or girl of your fancy is as geeky as you are, a witty geek pickup line works a charm. The pickup line is merely a tool to break the ice and start a conversation with a person of interest. They are a great way to see if there is an instant attraction like a proton and electron, or if you will repel like two north ends of a magnet.

Sorry, but I seem to be having trouble walking. I’ve totally fallen harder for you than Bran Stark.

For those who are crazy about Game of Thrones and are looking for a date who feels the same way, this is one is a winner.

Are you naturally so mind-blowing or are you using the Confundus charm?

In the wizarding world, a few drops of amortentia would have that cutie across the room spellbound. Unfortunately, love potions aren’t real and it takes some real work to see if sparks fly. Don’t move in straight away with crude wand pickup lines. This is clever, subtle, and will have any Harry Potter fan smiling.

If there was no gravity on this planet, I would still fall for you.

Quite possibly one of the sweetest yet most simple lines on this list. This one isn’t related to a specific pop culture theme, just pure physics… like the human attraction itself.

Beam me up, hottie!

Although the words “Beam me up, Scotty” were never said in that order on the show, it is synonymous with Star Trek and has cemented itself into our popular culture. Letting the other person know that they are attractive will create some feel-good vibes.

If I was Catwoman, the first thing I would steal is your heart.

This one is great for the ladies to use. What man doesn’t love the Batman universe? And Catwoman is a villain, so that makes it even better. It takes a bold woman to make the first move like that, but geeky guys love it.

Well, aren’t you just a rebel. You stole my heart when you walked through the door.

So cheesy it’s almost cringe-worthy, but the aim is to make them smile, and this one works! After all, it’s better than talking about your lightsaber. Fortunately, Star Wars is still going strong and is widely popular, so they will probably get it.

Are you a Hellkite Tyrant? Because you just stole my Coldsteel Heart.

Best to use this one on a cute elf at Comic Con. If they don’t know Magic the Gathering, they won’t have a clue what’s being said.

I usually press “X” to pick up rewards. Does that work for picking YOU up as well?

This one is super for gamers, what’s even better is that it’s not game-specific. It’s guaranteed to get a smile out of your crush.

While some people work with a pickup line straight off the bat, others will work with a more subtle strategy of introducing themselves first and then move on to the witty line after some conversation. Whatever the situation, don’t get discouraged if it isn’t met with the best reception.