The best games on the new Super Nintendo

Newbie gamers and old-school fans of gaming alike are in for a treat now that the new Super NES is here for you all to play and have fun with. It comes fully loaded with some of the best video games ever. Check out the top 5 games you should be playing on your Super NES, it was hard to take a break from the gameplay to write this list, but we know you will appreciate it!

5. Super Metroid

We aren’t saying this is the best game ever made, but it is certainly a quality game that was ground-breaking in its day. For those who have never played this game, it is quite a challenge for an action game but will leave you wanting to test your skills and keep improving. Taking on the role of Samus Aran, she is a bounty hunter who has to save a baby Metroid from killer space pirates, could a story line be any more awesome than that? This game does not feel dated at all, so we hope you check it out!

4. Contra III The Alien Wars

People used to hate Contra but that wasn’t because it was a bad game, it was because the game could be really hard to beat! It offers a runner-gunner type of gameplay that is very hectic but so addictive. You come up against endless hordes of all kinds of aliens, who are on a relentless path to try and kill you first. The weapons at your disposal are pretty neat and they make the kills very satisfying in the gamer world. You must play this game at least once to see for yourself.

3. F Zero

Before Wipeout ever became popular there was a solid racing game known as F-Zero, if you love high octane speed races, then this game will be right on point with your tastes. Be sure that you don’t bump into any walls as that makes you lose power, which can only be restored to specific areas in the game. Also, don’t think that bumping into other racers will create an advantage for you – it will do the total opposite and spin you out of balance. Even in 2017, this game is still cool, and the soundtrack makes for some exciting races too.

2. The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past

In the midst of The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, it is always good fun to reach back and play those prequels that leave us filled with nostalgia. If there is anything that can do that, we know it’s the Zelda series! A Link to the Past was a huge game and is still a great gaming experience that set the path of a flurry of successful releases in the Zelda series. Link is a lovable character and the gameplay is intricate yet easy to pick up. Starting simple but adding loads of detail to the plot as you get further into the game, you won’t stop playing A Link to the Past until you have completed it!

1. Super Mario World

What other game could be number one? It would have to be the game that launched the global success of Super Nintendo. Even to this day, it is arguably the best Super Mario game there is! Yes even compared to the other series, spin-offs and advanced releases! Be prepared for a full-scale quest of secret paths, awesome power-ups, and a soundtrack to fall in love with as you go back to some of your favorite childhood memories. Super Mario World has everything a platform game should have and then some more. So hop aboard Yoshi and get on your quest to save Peach once again!