Best game franchises ever made

There are some games that seem to last a lifetime. The best bit? Many have grown to become part of the best game franchises ever made. From the storylines to the gripping characters – it seems as though there’s nothing some creators can’t do.

Pac Man

It might be simple, but Pac Man has grown to become one of the best arcade games of all time. That’s not all. Pac Man and his wife have even grown to become popular characters, making many cameos in other franchises and movies over the years.

Super Mario Bros.

It’s tough to find anyone who hasn’t tried their hand at a Super Mario Bros. game or two over the years. The franchise is filled with all your favorite Mario characters as this plumber continues to work his way through the multiple levels and ultimately save Princess Peach. Let’s-a go!

Best game franchises ever made

Resident Evil

If you love a horror game, then the chances are you’ve fallen into the world of Resident Evil. The games have brought zombies to life in entirely new ways for many years while many of us have fallen for the characters all battling the Umbrella Corporation for the last 23 years.

Assassin’s Creed

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an assassin throughout various major times in history? Now’s your chance. The franchise as blended history with several parkour moves as we run through the streets of the time to become the ultimate savior.

Kingdom Hearts

Disney and battling it out to save Destiny Islands? Yes, please. This franchise has not only brought our favorite Disney characters to life, but it’s also breathed new life into many Pixar and Final fantasy characters over the years, too.

Best game franchises ever made


There is something eerily captivating about the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. As well as using many classic hits for their theme tune, the maps are all based on real places that bring a touch of reality to this incredible scenario of battling to survive. Plus, Dogmeat always helps to keep things a little lighter.

Metal Gear

There is a reason the Metal Gear franchise has always been so immersive: the creator, Hideo Kojima, always wanted to write movies. However, he instead decided to turn his hand to game development and has even roped in the likes of Kiefer Sutherland to voice his latest creation.

Grand Theft Auto

Stealing cars and becoming one of the best criminal masterminds in the city – do we need anything else from a game? So far, there are six main games that have all given us different storylines while still sticking to the main gameplay elements that made them so fun in the first place.

While some games are brilliant all on their own, others have grown to become part of the best game franchises ever made. The universes and storylines can sometimes make us feel as though we’re living through a movie – and we’re the main character. It could soon be time to lose ourselves to some of the classics once again.