The best comedians on television

Comedians are the laughter our lives crave. They can make jokes about things we would never dream of poking fun at, and provide much-needed relief from the seriousness of everyday life. The right comedian can brighten anyone’s day with their stand up routines or appearances on TV and in movies. There are so many great, young comedians out there, and we all have our personal favorites.

But, it’s also good to look at how comedians come across on TV as well as in live scenarios. Some of the best comedians out there can do it all, while some are still learning the ropes. So, we decide to come up with a list of the four comedians we feel are the best currently on television at the moment.

Larry David

Comedy genius Larry David began his career doing stand-up comedy in New York City. He then shot to fame as the co-creator and principal writer of smash-hit sitcom Seinfeld. Larry has always been one to champion cringe-worthy comedy and wrote himself into Seinfeld as the character of George Costanza. In more recent years the comic whizz has been found in the partially improvised HBO sitcom series Curb Your Enthusiasm, which he created, and in which he plays a fictionalized version of himself.

John Oliver

The reason John Oliver has become so popular is because he injects some much-needed British humor into American pop culture. His show, Last Week Tonight has become one of the most watched in the US and has brought him ma global audience. Oliver’s dry wit and deadpan humor have allowed him to tackle issues many other comedians would shy away from – and he’s also a wonderfully gifted presenter as well. Informative, well-researched, and derisory, Last Week Tonight was always great, and Oliver was its guiding light.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has been on the comedy scene for some time now, and she made waves with a starring role in the movie Trainwreck. Since then she has fronted her own TV series called Inside Amy Schumer and has become one of the most famous and sought-after comedians in the country. She is one of the leading comedians in the world and a real treat for anyone who tunes in to watch her.

Kate McKinnon

Kate burst onto the public scene after a leading role in the Ghostbusters remake and his since gone from strength to strength. Saturday Night Live has always been a mixed bag, usually great, but often underwhelming. But Kate McKinnon has always been a shining light on the show, and deservedly won an Emmy for her role on the show. One of America’s funniest comedians, McKinnon is a worthy addition to the small screen, and the big screen respectively.

These are just a few of the finest comedian’s currently on television. There are plenty of hilarious comics out there, but we reckon these four are currently at the peak of their game. We are spoilt for choice with amazing comedians these days, and these guys seem to be leading the way among the current crop. Next time your turn on your televisions and see one of these geniuses on your screens, you’ll know not to change the channel.