The best cities to work in high-tech around the world

It is fairly commonly known that the global tech industry is booming, and it looks as though it is only meant to get better. Digital tech jobs are very much the most sought after jobs today, as they are becoming a vital foundation for the world’s leading economies. Skilled professionals in the tech industry are becoming more and more needed in the fast-paced environment, as more people are wanting to break into the industry. A lot of young people now especially are wanting to make their debut in this field of work, and there are a few cities that will give them the highest chance of securing a job. We’ve collected together some of the best cities to work in the high-tech industry, so take a look. You might just be sending over your resume and packing your bags.



The global tech industry is making itself known in Canada, especially in the city of Toronto. The city hosts some of the most leading tech companies in the world, including research centers in the field of AI, data science, and stem-cell research. The country as a whole has high living standards and is generally affordable to live. The tech industry is sure to continue growing in the city, with new things being invented every day. With the expected growth, more companies will be looking for professionals, so now might just be the right time to move to Toronto.


Putting aside almost 600 international IT firms, Amsterdam is rapidly growing in the tech industry. The city’s global reputation has improved greatly as of late, and it is expected to improve even more in the coming years. Google, Uber, and several other tech giants are paying attention to this scenic city, as they have seen homegrown companies like TomTom and thrive incredibly well. The city itself has effortlessly beautiful charm, and is well known for its famously laid back culture. If this doesn’t tempt you, along with the booming job market, then maybe the high living standards and low cost of living will instead.


Singapore is quickly making a name for itself as a tech powerhouse. The city itself has big names that seem to just be drawn to it, which is why it is a perfect place to kick start your career in high-tech. Along with this, Singapore gets generous government funding, has a strong infrastructure, and has an extremely diverse talent pool that is recognized globally. The state backs research into AI, which is always changing and adapting. Given the fast-paced nature of the industry, there will always be high-tech jobs going in the beautiful city.



To many researchers’ surprise, London seems to be performing extremely well. In recent years, it has received more equity investment than any other European city. Companies such as Deliveroo passed the $1 billion mark last year, which is an incredible achievement. What makes London even more attractive for job seekers is that the UK currently has a skills shortage, thanks to the continuing growth of companies and industries. Therefore, if you’re someone who possesses a sought after skill, this may just be the place for you, as you could snap up a job in no time.

Moving your career to an entirely different country is scary, but it might just be the move you need to kick start an incredible journey. You need to have confidence, self-motivation, determination, and the curiosity to start your career in another country. These cities are the perfect starting point when finding your new career in the world of high-tech.