Best board games for a night with your friends

In recent years, board games have evolved from being games that your parents made you reluctantly play as a family that ended in arguments, to a fun way to spend a Friday night with your friends. Alongside your old favorites, games companies are continually releasing new and exciting offerings that are perfect for a games night.


The best way to describe Scrawl is like Chinese Whispers mixed with Pictionary. This is an adults-only game due to some of the suggestions on the cards, but it is the perfect type of game for grown-up night in – easy to understand and utterly hilarious!

Best board games for a night with your friends


Is it a board game night without the friendship-ruining classic that is Monopoly? There are so many things that make Monopoly one of the best games, from the ruthlessness of making your nearest and dearest completely bankrupt, to the many different pop-culture-themed versions; from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to Pokemon and Disney Theme Parks!

Code Names

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like James Bond, Code Names is the perfect board game. You play in two teams and work to guess the code names of the agent cards on the board, without hitting the assassin. The best thing about this game (aside from the spy-themed snacks, outfits, and drinks it lends itself to!) is the fact that there are a few different versions that have been released, from Harry Potter to Disney, to appeal to your friendship groups’ favorite franchises.

Tiny Hands Challenge Game

This might be the funniest game you have ever played! The concept is simple, you have to perform a series of basic tasks, such as pouring a drink, or catching a ball, using only the tiny plastic hands in the box. This is the kind of game that is just good old silly fun for all ages. Play it with your family on the holidays, or make it a drinking game to add an extra challenge with friends.


If you and your friends like to think of yourselves as ‘smarter than the average bear,’ this game of lateral thinking puzzles is for you! Use logic and out-of-the-box thinking to solve the clues and guess the word based on the objects you are given. This is a game that you will either be amazing at or just not understand. Let’s hope your opponents are the latter!

Best board games for a night with your friends

Who’s She?

If you liked ‘Guess Who’ as a child, you’ll love ‘Who’s She?’ The ideal game for your gal pals to play, as it’s a bit of twist on the old format. All the characters are real women, and instead of asking questions about their physical appearance, this one is all about personal achievements. Learn about successful females, feel empowered and have fun at the same time.

A board game night is a perfect way to chill with a group of friends without spending a fortune. If everyone brings snacks, drinks, and their favorite game, you could get a tournament going and even give out prizes for the winning person or team.