Back to the Future predictions that came true

Back to the Future is sci-fi, action movie trilogy that has been immensely popular since the first film was released in 1985. The original movie, Back to the Future, tells the story of a teenager named Marty, played by Michael J. Fox, who travels back in time and meets his parents as teenagers. The movie received critical acclaim and became a huge box office hit thanks to the great characters and story. There are also a number of interesting predictions for the future in the movie – some of which have actually come true! Here are some of the Back to the Future predictions that came true.

Back to the Future predictions that came true

Tablets and mobile cash transactions

Do you remember that scene where Marty is asked to donate $100 through a flat, electronic wireless device in order to save the historic clock tower? It looks just like a tablet today! In addition, with applications like Venmo and Apple Pay we have that capability of electronically exchanging cash, just like the film predicted.

Biometric devices

In order to unlock the door of her house, Marty’s girlfriend, Jennifer, uses a fingerprint recognition technology like we have in today’s iPhone. Also, there are options of using your fingerprint to gain access to certain places or view your bank account.

Hands-free gaming

In 2010, Microsoft added something new to the gaming world with the Kinect, a device which allows you to play games using just your voice and gestures instead of controllers. It creates a more interactive experience than just sitting for hours while you play games. Well, this was also a prediction in Back to the Future. In a cafe scene, two guys walk in and see Marty playing an arcade game. They are surprised to see that he’s using his hands, and comment that it looks like a baby toy.

Video phone calls

In the second Back to the Future movie, Marty’s future self gets a video call on his phone, resulting in him being fired from his job. Today, video calls are a fairly regular part of life. We have the option to see the people we’re talking to through apps like Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp, among others.

Video glasses

One of the best predictions in Back to the Future is the futuristic glasses which Marty and Jennifer’s future children use for a phone call and watching TV, while they ignore their family. Such glasses actually exist today! From virtual reality goggles to Snapchat’s Spectacles to Google Glass, we are just starting to see the possibilities.

Back to the Future predictions that came true

Smart clothing technology

Marty’s size-adjustable and self-lacing sneakers in the movie look amazing. But if you take a look at certain online shops such as Nike, you can find almost the same kind of thing! Even Marty’s self-drying jacket is available for purchase. Spill some fluid on it, nothing happens!


In Back to the Future’s imagined world of 2015, we saw flying things circling around capturing photos and even walking a dog down the street. Today, that prediction has indeed come true, and drones seem to be everywhere, capable of doing a number of tasks.