Why babies need to move in the womb

One day you’re chilling out all comfy, and the next you are thrust into a world that requires more work than it can sometimes seem worth, and rewards you with years of mediocre entertainment. Even though we know what lays in store, there is such joy to be found in bringing new life into the world. Incredibly, there is a reason for every little movement when it comes to preparing the little one.

Why babies need to move in the womb

Moving around

As babies are growing in the womb, there are many things that can fill expectant parents with joy – or fear. It could be the first kick, feeling the youngster move, or finding out the gender of your new family member. These are all huge aspects that can bring the excitement of waiting for your little one. However, one of the biggest things is getting to feel your baby move as you wait on tender hooks to meet your new arrival. Although it’s good fun to feel your youngster, can they really be doing gymnastics why they’re in there or is there a reason for all that movement?

Cells to the rescue

The first cells that ever begin to make up our bodies are stem cells that are totipotent. This means that these initial cells have the ability to become anything they want – you do you, cells. While we may all like to believe we are free, these stem cells really are to become whatever they dream of being. From teeth to muscles, these cells are there to create every part of our body. The problem is, there are several signals needed to organize where everything is heading. This way we make sure there aren’t knees growing out of our forehead.

Why babies need to move in the womb

Strengthening up

No, these unborn children aren’t doing weights with some kidneys or doing push-ups to get bulk up. In fact, they are actually moving around to make sure their bones and joints are strong enough for when they are welcomed into the world. According to studies, the cells need to move, so they know if they are destined to become bone or cartilage. After all, how would our bodies know if we need anymore if it isn’t in for a practice run? Exactly. All that moving around acts as preparation for when we’re on the outside.

Not just us

It isn’t just us that feels the need to move around either. It’s shown that if unborn babies don’t move, they could end up receiving the wrong signal. This could be catastrophic if your body is after more bone, but all the cells are receiving the instructions to make cartilage! That’s why other warm-blooded creatures also move around to make sure their bodies fully form. Even chickens in the egg move around to help ensure their legs and wings develop as they should.

There we have it. While all that movement may just be preparing us for a lifetime of unused gym memberships, pretending to exercise, or knowing that there is about to be a lot of sitting down, moving while still in the womb is actually vital to our existence. As well as being a brilliant party trick, womb movement is just another wonder of nature that shows how incredible us human beings really are.