How to ace an important exam

Your palms start sweating. Your heart is racing. There are lots of concerned eyes glancing around. Everyone’s cramming in last minute skim-reading through the textbooks. Exams are undoubtedly a stressful time. The fact of it is, they don’t need to be.

Preparation is key! The more prepared you are, the chances are the results will reflect your hard-work and dedication. Here are some of our best tips to avoid the dreaded last minute anxious panic.


Prepare for the worst

There’s always parts of an exam that we struggle on more than most. Prepare for these questions! When revising, don’t skip over the parts you don’t understand. Do all you can to grasp these parts you find most challenging. Prepare for these problems. You’ll thank yourself later.

Hope for the best

As well as ensuring you learn the parts you are bad at, also don’t skip over studying the parts you are good at! These parts may be what you think are ‘easy,’ but questions can easily slip you up during the exam. If you think you know it, excellent…keep learning it over and over. You don’t want to panic and lose well-deserved marks over careless memory loss.

Find your best method

There’s plenty of study methods out there, and some work better than they do for others. So it is important you find the most productive and efficient way for you. This could mean having a study buddy, or learning visually through diagrams, or making quick-firing study cards, or perhaps you’re the type to write stuff down over and over continuously. Whatever the method, find your own groove!

Find time every day

Even if you find half-an-hour each day, the smallest amount of time studying can make all the difference in the exam! Research has shown that short bursts of studying can be significantly more effective than long continuous periods of no more excuses! Find the time for short study breaks.

Look after yourself

It is important you look after your body when preparing for an exam. This means taking the small steps – drink plenty of water, get active, move around, and fuel your body with the right foods for brain power. All of these things are important for making sure you are fit and healthy for completing an exam to the best of your abilities. Plus, make sure you get enough sleep the night before the exam!


Put yourself to test

As well as extensive revision, testing yourself can be beneficial in progressing your studying forward. It will give you a chance to really grasp what you do and don’t understand. There may be things that catch you out that you didn’t expect to.

Think like the teacher

With all the difficult things to learn, it can be easy to think the teachers and examiners are out to see you fail. This is certainly not the case. They want to see you succeed. Thinking from the perspective of the teacher can be helpful. They will want to see certain things from you to gain extra marks. They know the crucial parts of the syllabus, so seek further advice from them if you can.

Exams don’t need to be feared. If you know your stuff inside and out, you’ll be surprised at how confident you can feel going into the exam hall. Be kind to yourself. Work hard. Don’t panic.