7 Things You Should Do To Have An Amazing Life

Where does the time go? Life is jam-packed that days quickly disappear. Fear not! Here are 7 things every person should do before they start their day. This will help you make the most of your day to come.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep

There are 3 main things humans need to do in order to continue to function properly: eat, drink and sleep! And while eating and drinking is often no problem, there are millions of people who are falling behind in the latter category. This can lead to various health problems as a result. Surveys have been carried out by the National Sleep Foundation and have found that some 60% of adults and 69% of children have at least one sleep problem on multiple nights during the week. Getting a good night’s rest includes benefits such as improved memory, concentration, reduced stress and a longer life!


If that isn’t incentive enough then we don’t know what is! Therefore, try to get at least 7 hours sleep a night. If you weren’t sleeping enough before, you will certainly notice the difference very quickly.

Move your body

There’s an awful lot of evidence that exercise is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, it seems many people are just not getting enough. A survey carried out by the Center for Disease Control showed that only a third of Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 regularly exercise. Overall health, happiness and productivity are the result of looking after the body through physical exercise. What’s more, those who do take the time to exercise are less likely to suffer from mental health issues.


Links have also been made between exercises and career success. The great thing about exercise is that it can be done at any time in a number of ways. Some people walk while others might go to the gym or even do some gardening! You spend all of your life in your body, so why not take care of it?

Get your protein

Would it surprise you to hear that eating protein can actually help you lose weight? So many people turn to salads and little else but limiting the diet so extensively is a mistake. Foods that are rich in protein take longer to leave the stomach and thus, keep you full for longer. There are also fewer hunger spikes thanks to the fact that protein helps maintain blood-sugar levels. Professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois Donald Layman advises people eat a minimum of 30 grams of protein for breakfast.


He’s not the only one! Tim Ferriss is the author of The 4-Hour Body and he recommends 30 grams of protein around 30 minutes after waking up in the morning. Getting protein doesn’t have to mean eating a steak – eggs, greens and nuts are all rich in protein too!

Have a cold shower

It may not be the most pleasant feeling when all you want to do is stay wrapped up warm in bed, but immersing yourself in cold water aids both physical and mental wellness. For those who do it regularly, it can provide long-lasting health benefits such as improving circulatory and digestive systems. It has been said to increase weight loss since it helps boost your metabolism. A research study in 2007 discovered that cold showers can help in the treatment of depression because of the cold water triggering neurochemicals that boost a person’s mood, making them feel happy.

Cold shower

It’s not easy to persuade yourself to have a cold shower in the morning, but if you think of it like a swimming pool then it certainly helps. Once that initial 20-30 seconds is done, it’s much easier!

Be inspired

When it comes to free time, it’s normal to seek something to entertain yourself. People often do this through watching TV, for example. Many of the world’s most successful people spend that time on learning by reading at least one book per week. Taking the time to read something inspiring and uplifting each morning can change a person for the better.

Reading a book

Such a thing can help put life in perspective and allow internal reflection before the day ahead. Even if it’s just 20-30 minutes in the morning during the commute to school or work – it’s extremely beneficial.

Review your goals

Take a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and write down your goals, both short-term and long-term. Taking a minute each day to look at your goals in front of you can really help put the day ahead into perspective.

Reading your goals every day will help you remember them and be more likely to work towards them as a result. Then enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off a goal on your list once you achieve it! It’s truly a great feeling.

Do one thing towards your goals

The problem many people have with achieving goals is that too many other things in life tend to get in the way. By the time the day is drawing to a close, it’s very tempting to rely on tomorrow. By doing something towards your goals earlier in the day, you will avoid procrastination. Goals should become easier to reach over time, not more difficult as they’re put off longer and longer.

So do that one thing you’ve really needed to do in the morning and you’ll start to see great progress over time.