7 Personal Time Management Tools for 2017

Keep Tabs on Your Time



Do you struggle to find time to collaborate with colleagues? If so, Todoist may be the perfect app for you. With the option to share tasks, begin discussions, and prioritize tasks through a color-coded system, Todoist is essential for reaching shared goals. You can schedule tasks, set up notifications, and assign workloads easily.


Toggl is a great tool for managing projects. You are able to create reports, interact with your team, and work on multiple tasks at once. In order to ensure that you don’t waste any time while working on your projects, Toggl has a timer option that will record the amount of time you spend on each task in your workload.


Do you feel like you’re constantly wasting time? RescueTime is an app that will show you exactly when and how your time is being wasted. Essentially, it works by tracking how much time you are actually spending on certain web pages and apps, and at the end of the week will provide a breakdown of how your time online has been spent. Once you know where all your time is going, you can consciously make an effort to change!

Week Plan

Perhaps you prefer to plan things out by seeing the bigger picture, that is, knowing exactly how your time will be divided throughout the week, rather than focusing on smaller tasks. If so, Week Plan is great for getting a visual layout and timetable on what needs to be accomplished. You can add tasks to any day of the week and prioritize them as necessary.


To-do lists getting on top of you? MyLifeOrganized is an app designed to help you deal with your never ending list of tasks to complete. Create checklists, reorganize your workload depending on how soon you need to get things done and organize your life with task deadlines and subtasks.

Fine-Tune Your Focus

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Focus Booster

The Focus Booster app is based on the guidelines of the Pomodoro technique and is particularly effective for those that struggle to avoid procrastinating and wasting precious work time. It’s all about taking back control of your time, through allocating set blocks of time to complete tasks and keeping a record of your completed work on a timesheet.


If the pressure of timed slots isn’t an effective work method for you, then perhaps you will thrive with focus@will. Adopting a different approach to other time management tools, focus@will is all about combining neuroscientific research and the powerful effects of music on concentration levels to boost your attention span. Choose your music type, plug in your headphones and get to work!

Overall, whether you need help with managing your infinite to-do list, or you feel that you just aren’t able to focus on your work time properly, the above list provides a number of useful apps to help bring out the best and most productive version of yourself.