5 Things The Big Bang Theory Got Wrong about science

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that many of us have laughed along with – as well as cried over when learning the news that it is soon all to come to an end. Wasn’t taking Friends from us enough?! However, while you might have thought you were learning a thing or two thanks to the show, it seems as though there are some things The Big Bang Theory got wrong about science after all. Bazinga!

Chemical presentation

This one is small but still noticeable. David Saltzberg is the one in charge of checking all the science parts of the script, but this physicist seemed to miss when the group refers to using hydraulics as hydrostatic. Although they are both scientific terms, it looks as though the script was just too large for David to notice the error.

5 Things The Big Bang Theory Got Wrong about science

Their equations

It was back in the fourth episode of the seventh season that an inconsistency was shown in the show. The group uses “h” to represent the projectile’s height in the sum. However, physics deduces its equations using units. This means that using units throughout the rest of the equation could have eventually left the group with no numbers at all, and an incorrect answer.

Heading to space

Howard is in for an incredible time when he is chosen to head up to space – did you know he went to space? Unfortunately, it seems as though the show didn’t think about his background before writing the storyline. After all, Howard lives with several health conditions that mean he wouldn’t be able to survive in space and doesn’t have the right qualifications of an astronaut. It seems as though he wouldn’t really be jetting to the stars anytime soon.

Changes in weight

If there’s someone that loves to track just about everything, it’s Sheldon. So perhaps it’s no wonder that he always takes note of his weight? Although Sheldon puts on 25 pounds throughout the show, he has had no change in appearance at all. Surely if he were to put on a notable amount, there would be some tell-tale signs? Apparently not when it comes to The Big Bang Theory.

5 Things The Big Bang Theory Got Wrong about science

Being a genius who’s wrong

Another one os Sheldon’s many traits is the fact that he’s a genius. In fact, it seems as though there isn’t something about the world that Sheldon doesn’t know. However, it appears as though this character might not always know what he’s talking about. Sheldon states that ears are unable to cross hemispheres when it’s been proven that they do, and that tapping a wine glass makes a B flat, but physics has shown that it produces a B. It seems as though skipping grades might not have been such a good idea after all…

Although The Big Bang Theory might have got a thing or two wrong about science over the years, that doesn’t mean we love the show any less. We just know not to spurt out our science facts after binge watching a season.