5 Reasons to Date a Geek

Are you single, lonely and trying to work out what type of man or woman you should be dating? You’ve gone through the bad boys, the high maintenance girls and everything in between, but you still can’t find the one. You’re missing out on one vital type of person to date though; a geek. Not convinced? We’ve got 5 reasons to date a geek covered. You’ll be rushing out to sci-fi conventions in no time…

They’re Problem Solvers

One of the greatest things about geeks is that they’ll always be able to solve whatever problem you have, no matter what it is. TV not picking up all the channels you want? Phone not working properly? Can’t find something you’re looking for online? Your geeky match will be able to sort all of those problems out in a jiffy. It’s not just technology problems that a geek will excel in however (excuse the pun). With such great and analytical minds they will be able to solve even the most trivial of problems; from what takeaway you should order for dinner to what shirt goes with those pants.

Geeks are the ultimate problem solvers and it comes from years of researching topics online, reading up on their favorite subjects, playing tons of strategic games, and watching a whole load of sci-fi movies. If you ever need a problem solved then you need to be dating a geek. It’s a fact that geeks like to be the best they can be and if that means solving your problems then that’s exactly what they’ll do. Sign us up for some geek dating, pronto! We can’t decide what we want to have for dinner…

Attention to Detail

Following on from being great problem solvers, most geeks have an excellent attention to detail. They’ve spent years trying to gather information about tons of different topics, so that they can talk to all their nerdy buddies about it (and compete in University Challenge type competitions). This means that they have to pay close attention to even the smallest of details. If you want someone who is going to pay attention to all of the things you like and dislike then a geek is the one for you.

They will notice when you have had a haircut, they will notice if you’ve pained your nails, they will know which band you like and which one is your favorite song. If you’ve gone through relationships getting annoyed because the other person doesn’t seem to pay attention then you definitely need to date a geek. You’ll be surprised at how thoughtful someone can be when they know all of those little (and important) details about you. Plus, no more flicking your hair in front of your partner’s face in the hope that you’ve had it cut and colored… What’s not to like about having a partner that knows who you are, what you like and what you’ve changed.

They Are Always Themselves

Have you ever dated someone for a few months, thinking that they were one kind of person, and then found out they were completely different later down the line? Plenty of people change who they are and what they like in the hope of impressing a potential partner, but not geeks. A geek will embrace who they are from the word go, which means you’ll never be surprised by a sudden change in passions. They’ll tell you all about their love of sci-fi movies, comic books and nerdy board games right from the beginning. You won’t then be surprised when they want to take you to see the new Star Wars movie a year down the line.

It takes a pretty impressive person to be happy with who they are, which is why we think geeks are such a pleasure to date. Not everyone is happy in their own skin, whereas a geek embraces everything to do with themselves; from their dorky laugh to their weird and wonderful hobbies. Those who are always themselves tend to grow up to be a lot stronger and braver than most other people too, because they haven’t spent years trying to be something they’re not.

They Will Make You Laugh

Most geeks aren’t afraid to look a little bit silly and this is a guaranteed way to make you laugh. After all, if you’re willing to dress up as a Pokemon and walk around a comic book convention all day then you aren’t too worried about looking daft. And that is nothing to be ashamed of, if you are a geek! It’s endearing and definitely makes for some great traits in a potential partner. Every time you’re feeling a little bit under the weather you can be sure that your geeky lover will be able to lift your spirits. With an awesome imagination and the ability to let their hair down, geeks make some of the best comedians in the world.

No one will be able to tell you a funny story like a geek can. And take a look at some of the best comedy actors and actresses in the world, they’re all pretty geeky too. This ability to make you laugh mixed with being happy in their own skill will instantly make you feel like a million dollars. If you date a geek then chances are you’re going to be laughing one heck of a lot, whilst also being happier in your own skin too. What’s not to love about a relationship that makes you feel like that?!

Geeks Are The ‘In Thing’

Long gone are the days when people point out geeks and laugh. Now geeks are some of the most sought after and fashionable people on the planet. If you want a bit of arm candy that everyone is going to be envious of then you need to get yourself a geeky guy or girl. The more obsessed with technology they are and the thicker the rims of their glasses, the more attractive they seem to be to the opposite gender. Thanks to the rise of geeky fashion you’ll find that dating a geek is a lot more on trend than it used to be. Your new geek partner will also be able to teach you the ropes so you can become fashionable too!

If you ever thought that dating a geek would ruin your street cred then you obviously don’t know how cool it is to be a nerd nowadays. So, you can date someone who is a problem solver, has the romantic attention to detail thing going down, is always themselves, will make you laugh a lot, and is also at the height of fashion… We’re sold! Now all we need to do is get ourselves over to some sci-fi conventions, some Star Wars film previews and the local science museum, to bag ourselves that dream geek date.