5 things the world needs to know about the Royal Family

The royal wedding may have been and gone, but we never really stop thinking about the Royal Family. However, while we might be incredibly fascinated by the lives of the British monarchy, how much do we actually know about them? Some burning questions have been plaguing us for years, and we finally have the answer to them.

How rich is Queen Elizabeth?

You probably think that the reigning queen is one of the richest people in the world. She’s certainly got plenty of cash, but her wealth is surprisingly low compared to some other famous faces. In April 2018, her net worth was reported to be $550 million. Not bad, eh? Well, when compared to Bill Gates’ $93 billion and Jeff Bezos’ $136 billion, it doesn’t really rack up.

We suppose all the work those men have done in establishing their companies is worthy of having more money than the Queen. However, you’d think royalty would be a bit more loaded. Well, although the Queen herself doesn’t have quite a substantial income, the Royal Family itself is worth around $80 billion.

Does the Queen pay taxes?

She may be in a position of power, but the queen still knows how to show respect to her subjects. Although she isn’t required by law to do so, the Queen puts money towards taxes every year. Since 1992, she’s been paying income tax, and she’s showing no signs of stopping. It’s good to see someone of such high authority putting money towards the running of their country.

Why isn’t Prince Philip king?

The laws regarding the crowning of a queen and king are complicated. Although you might assume that a king would be married to a queen, that isn’t the case here. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband is a prince and has been since birth. He was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, titles that were later given up upon marrying his wife. Five years after Elizabeth II became queen, she made Philip a prince of the UK.

Although men who marry into the Royal Family don’t get to claim an equal title to their wife, it’s very different with women. When William becomes king, Kate Middleton will become known as the queen consort. It’s a slightly unfair system, but its hard to change traditions that have been around for centuries.

Why are William and Harry referred to as Wales when their name is Windsor?

While Windsor may be William and Harry’s surname, it’s never used in an official capacity. Windsor has only been around since 1917 when King George V decided it would be the family name, and there’s no law stating it has to be used. The Wales surname originates from the fact that their father is the acting Prince of Wales. It’s common for younger members of the Royal Family to use their territorial designation in place of their surname, so don’t be surprised if George, Charlotte and Louis start using Cambridge when they’re older.

What happens if the Queen dies?

We don’t want to think about the Queen passing away, but now that’s she 92, we know she can’t have too many years left on the throne. When that day comes, a lot will happen. The UK will go into a 12-day period of mourning, with TV and radio broadcasts dramatically altered to cover news of her passing and avoid airing anything deemed ‘inappropriate.’

Regarding who will ascend to the throne, Elizabeth II’s son Prince Charles will take over instantly. Should he pass away before the Queen, then her grandson William will become the King of England. No matter who takes over, certain changes will be made to things like postage stamps and the National Anthem to reflect the new monarch.

The British monarchy is a world away from what we’re used to in the States, but it’s those differences that make the Royal Family so interesting to read about. Hopefully, you understand them all a bit better now.