5 Of America’s Most Entrepreneurial Cities

America is a nation that is often equated to its entrepreneurial spirit. The early start-up companies that were created here have not only been extremely successful, but they have also changed the way that we do conduct business altogether. Below are 5 of America’s most entrepreneurial Cities.

Silicon Valley

When it comes to the world of technology, there are few other places that are going to rival what Silicon Valley has become. This is the place where you can find many of the biggest heavy hitters in the tech world, while also playing home to a steady flow of entrepreneurs who are looking to carve out their own spot in this unique city. The list of famous and successful companies that have found their home here, is ever growing. While there are some locations around the globe that have been trying to develop their own cities, to rival Silicon Valley, there have been very few places that have become an economic powerhouse that the Valley has turned into.


Boston might not have the same reputation that Silicon Valley does, but it does have some of the most sought after technology colleges such as MIT. The advancements that have been in numerous fields including robotics, have caught the attention of both investors and anyone who is looking to create their own business. The advantage is that Boston has a more laid back pace than Silicon Valley does, making it easier to get a foot hold with your company. The talent pool that exists in Boston, is more diverse than you are going to find in other places. Students from all over the world move to this city to become masters of their chosen field. This means, if you are looking to put together a team of innovators, you will have the ability to pick the best of the pool, instead of just going with what you are going to be able to get.

Boston Raleigh

Raleigh North Carolina, has found itself as a home for a diverse number of businesses. Raleigh has a high population of schools and has also been able to maintain a low level of unemployment. There is also a high level of college graduates living in the city than you are going to find in other locations. This makes it an ideal location when it comes to being able to recruit the best talent for your start-up company. Raleigh is ranked as one of the most educated cities in the United States.

Raleigh Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge in Louisiana has a relative low cost of living while having a population that is on the younger side. There is also an extremely strong economy that allows for businesses to do very well. Many young entrepreneurs move to Baton Rouge, because of the low expense of both living and running their company. There is also plenty of resources available that a new start-up can use to establish themselves in an effective manner.

Baton RougeHouston

Texas is a state that has unique property laws and has been known as being one of the most business friendly sates in the United States. Houston, has been seeing a boom with start-ups, as the unique business regulations attract not just entrepreneurs, but businesses of all sizes. Houston has also been seeing a growing music and bar scene that makes it ideal for entrepreneurs who want to diversify their business holdings. The state of Texas also has one of the strongest economics in the United States, which cover but are not limited to, technology, agriculture and entertainment.
When you are looking for the best place to set up your start-up, it is always important to remember that the entrepreneur is the one who is going to make the business. The location that you pick can make this job much easier. The cities that are on the list above have some of the best talent pools and environments for a small business to grow in.