5 new gadgets that will blow your mind

People who love the latest gadgets will always be keeping their ears close to the ground in the hopes that they will be able to buy the next big thing before anybody else does. We have scoured through the latest gadgets released this year to bring you our top five that will blow your mind.


You know when you’ve been doing something messy, and you need to wash your hands but turning the faucet means getting that dirty too? There is a new gadget that is able to convert your existing faucet into a touchless one. Techo means that no matter what your hands are covered in you can keep the rest of your home hygienic. If you have been doing arts and crafts, or making dinner with raw meat, you’ll just have to wave your hands in front of the sensor attached to turn the water on. The gadget even comes with lights so you can get a drink of water in the middle of the night without blinding yourself by turning the big lights on in the kitchen.


If you have been struggling to get good results from the plants and crops you are trying to grow in your yard, then this gadget might come in handy. Edyn assesses the nutrition levels in your soil, as well as the temperature and humidity which means it can then recommend the types of vegetables and foods that are capable of growing in your yard. Edyn will assess how much water your plants need and then deliver that exact amount of water to them, no more, no less. It can be an aid to rookie gardeners or help veterans understand what is going on underneath the ground by monitoring the acidity levels in the soil.


Many people across America have their sprinklers set on a timer. They want to enjoy their yard but don’t want to spend hours every night watering it. While setting your sprinklers on a timer helps maintain a healthy looking yard, there are times when you could be overwatering it because it has been raining that day, or underwatering it because it has been crazy hot. Rachio is a device and app that hooks up to your sprinkler system which can respond to the weather. Rachio will also adjust for the temperature, making sure your grass doesn’t end up scorched in the sun. The app could save you up to 50% on your water bills and helps to save water for the planet in the process.


If you’re a fan of doing spontaneous things, then this gadget will help you out afterward. Droplet is a keychain attachment that hides a pretty helpful little item. You can stuff a waterproof bag into the keyring and then forget about it until you need it. It is ideal if you take a trip to the beach, or go for a dip in a lake when hiking. You can store your keys and valuables in it and then when you’re done you can put your bathing suits in the waterproof bag. This means you can continue with the rest of your day without getting everything else wet at the same time.

Clipper Pro

Clipping your nails can be tricky, you have to get it in position and then clamp down awkwardly. Clipper Pro was designed with that in mind and allows for precision clipping but with minimal effort. It was designed by orthopedic surgeons aiming to make life easier for those who struggle to clip their nails. The clippers can swivel, allowing you to comfortably trim your nails, without needing to bend your wrist into tricky positions.

We reckon these gadgets will be stocking the shelves of stores shortly. If you want to get ahead of the game, then look them up before everyone else discovers how great they are. The innovators are bringing solutions to some of the problems we haven’t quite mastered yet as a society.