5 gadgets that you need this summer

Every new season brings a whole host of new devices that can make the time pass with ease. The best bit? 2019 is no different. Here are five gadgets that you need this summer if you want to have the most memorable season of your life for all the right reasons.

A portable speaker

Let’s face it; if you don’t have a portable speaker by now, then 2019 is the time to invest. Thankfully, they are only getting better as the years go by. The batteries now last longer than ever, and many are fully waterproof up to a few feet. This means your new summer gadget can come with you to all of those pool parties and take center stage when you head to the beach with your friends. Now, you no longer have to worry about missing out on your favorite tunes as you relax under the sun.

5 gadgets that you need this summer

A desk fan

The summer can get pretty hot, yet some of us still fund ourselves chained to our desk at work. What are we supposed to do? Rather than settle in silence, why not invest in a desk fan? Not only could you be the envy of your colleagues, but you could spend the day feeling nice and cool, too. Many desk fans plug right into the USB, meaning we don’t have to worry about finding another plug socket. Plus, they are usually pretty lightweight and quiet.

A portable grill

Of course, many of us love spending time with our friends. However, it can be tough to organize a sporadic trip out when you have no way to enjoy food, right? Have no fear; the portable grill is here. Yes, it really is as simple as it sounds as these great inventions fold up just like a suitcase and can be pulled along to wherever you need before setting it up and get grilling. Many come with plenty of room so that no one has to go hungry.

5 gadgets that you need this summer

A cooling tent

Summer can be a great time to get back in touch with Mother Nature. While camping can seem like a great idea, it can be tough to enjoy yourself when it feels as though you’re roasting in your tent. Thankfully, it looks as though we could have an answer. Would you believe there are now cooling tents on the market? Yes, these great inventions mean that you can sleep all day long thanks to the reflective coating that bounced infrared light away from those sleeping inside. Festival lovers can thank us later.

Audio sunglasses

Perhaps you want to spend your summer listening to your latest season playlist, but you don’t want to interrupt the rest of the world? Many of us have battled with the sunglasses and headphone debate for many years. That might all soon come to an end. Bose has now released a range of sunglasses that not only offer up top protection from the sun, but they also have speakers built-in to the side just above your ears. They are controlled with one button that can even access smart assistants and accept or reject phone calls.

As the summer rolls around once more, many of us can’t wait to head out and enjoy the season with some brand new gadgets by our side. While there are so many on the market, there are also some that can turn our season into a whole new way to make memories.