3 games that your kid must have for the holidays

The festive season is nearly upon us, which means that your little ones have probably already written their letters to Santa and are eagerly awaiting their stockings on Christmas morning. If they have a PlayStation 4, then there’s a good chance they’ve asked Father Christmas for some games that will keep them busy until they have to go back to school. If you’re not sure what games your kids will definitely want for the holidays, then here are the top three.


If your little one dreams of being a superhero, then they’re going to love this best selling PS4 game. They take on the role of Peter Parker – AKA Spider-Man – as a young adult, dealing with both crime in the city and the complex relationships that come with being a teenager. The Open World gameplay means that your kid can have hours of fun swinging through New York City, putting their Spidey Senses to good use, without ever getting bored. The graphics are impeccable, especially on the PlayStation, and the cinematic cutscenes will make you feel as though you’re watching a Marvel movie as well as playing one.

Hitman 2

The first ever Hitman game came out in 2000, but there’s a good chance your child knows the character thanks to the many reboots, or perhaps even the movies which came out in 2007 and 2015 respectively. Playing as Agent 47, who puts James Bond to shame, you get to travel the world to take down the Shadow Client and his army. While the story may sound basic, there are plenty of twists and turns along the way that will keep the whole family guessing until the very end. Yet again, you’ll feel as though you’re watching a movie more than playing a game – and that’s one of the biggest draws of Hitman 2 on the PS4.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s the game that many people have been waiting years for – ever since the first installment came out in 2000. Created by Rockstar games, the brains behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, this western is thought to be one of the largest and complex worlds they have ever made. If your little one loved GTA V and its massive maps, then they are going to be blown away by the size of the Red Dead Redemption 2 map! Saddle up your horse, which you have to look after and feed, and take on some epic 19th-century American landscapes. This game isn’t for the faint of hearted, in places, but there’s a reason it is at the top of the PS4 charts – and has been for quite some time.

Whatever kind of games your kids like to play, there’s a good chance they’ll love at least one of these on the list. They can take on the role of a superhero, a spy, or a cowboy, and they won’t even need a dressing up box to do so. Now your only decision is… which one are they going to want the most?!