10 other uses for your game console, other than playing

Games consoles have become entertainment centers rather than just somewhere to get your gaming fix. We are mostly all aware we can use our favorite streaming services on them. There are some things not many of us are aware the little box under the TV can do, so here are 10 such things.

Turn on your TV

We are always trying to find the TV remote when we want to turn our TV on, but luckily your PlayStation 4 has removed the need to turn the room upside down as you can turn both on together. To enable this feature, your PS4 must be connected via Device Link to an HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) television. After connecting to the TV, select “System,” from the PS4 settings menu and then “Enable HDMI Device Link,” and your PS4 will now start your TV too.

Play games from other countries

Wonderfully, the Nintendo Switch is a region-free console so you can play releases from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to create another account from whichever country you want, then you will have access to the games from that region’s eShop. It is worth noting the language will be native to that area so you might have to practice your Japanese.

Browse your social media accounts

Do not be deterred by the lack of a web browser on the Nintendo Switch, as there is a backdoor to your favorite social media platforms. Head to “System Settings,” and then “Users,” from here choosing the “Post on Social Networks” tab. Once you login you will have access to your social media feed, including videos from YouTube.

Play in Windows 10

Ensure your Xbox One is set to game streaming, do this by heading to “Preferences,” via “Settings,” and then “Allow Game Streaming To Other Devices,” from the “Xbox App Connections” tab. This little trick allows you to play any Xbox One game on any PC or Tablet that is running Windows 10, pretty great huh?

Access your smartphone

Need to leave the room but want to continue gaming? Thank your lucky stars the PS4 allows you to do just that. Using the PlayStation App on your phone, you can use it to act as a second screen which means if you need to let the dog out you can continue to slay those zombies or score that touchdown.

Share games

Xbox allows you to share your digital game library with family and friends through “Gameshare.” You can make your friend’s Xbox your “Home Xbox,” through the “Xbox Home” setting, then have your friend do the same on your machine, now you both have access to each other’s games!

Refresh your frozen dashboard without getting up

Occasionally the Xbox will freeze, due to running many applications at once. Using this simple trick on your controller means you don’t have to get up to reset the console. All you need to do is hold down the left and right triggers along with “Y” for a few seconds, the dashboard will refresh and you won’t have to open everything back up again.

Play PS4 games on PS Vita

If you’re desperate to play your PS4 but your partner is binge-watching the latest box-set on the same TV, do not worry – your handy PS Vita will save the day. Sign in to your PSN ID on the handheld device then enter a code, and as long as you’re on the same WIFI network you can game until your heart’s content without disturbing what’s happening on your TV.

Pair Joy-Con with your Android, PC, or Mac

If you hold the sync button on either controller until the green light flashes you can pair them with your device’s Bluetooth. Find Joy-Con from the Bluetooth pairing list, which then allows you to play your device’s games using a controller rather than the fiddly virtual controls.

Play Breakout

If you own the new Nintendo 3DS, you can access the classic Atari game Breakout. Simply open a new page in the Internet browser, then use the stylus to tap out the theme to Super Mario Bros. The Bookmarks tab will now become a Stage Select option, and once you choose a stage the game will launch.

Hopefully, these little tips will make sure you get even more out of your console than you already do. Some of them will maybe even change how you use them forever.