10 things only ‘90s kids will get

Before the turn of the century, we had Furby, Cabbage Patch Kids, and some questionable fashion sense. If you are in the mood to take a stroll down memory lane, here are a few of the best items from the ’90s that today’s generation will probably never understand.

Blockbuster Video

Kids who were born after the ‘90s will never understand the excitement of picking out a blockbuster video on a Friday night or during school vacations. Most of the ‘90s generation will remember watching Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and Flubber on VHS tape.


Long before smartphones and PlayStation, kids of the ‘90s were transitioning into a slightly different digital age. The Tamagotchi! Kids today will never understand how much begging and pleading it took to get your parents to look after your digital pet while you were at school.

10 things only ‘90s kids will get

Butterfly clips

Thanks to Sarah Michelle Gellar, Melissa Joan Hart, and the Olsen twins, butterfly clips were a ‘90s fashion statement staple. Most kids born after the ‘90s won’t understand the time and effort it took to do your hair or how painful it was to step on a butterfly clip accidentally.

Disposable cameras

Kids today will never understand the struggle of taking a few shots with your bestie on a disposable camera and having to wait a week for it to develop. Only to find that the pictures you took were a blurry mess. Not to mention how devastating it was to run out of film.

Moon shoes

These nifty space boots were like portable trampolines for your feet. The anti-gravity effect of these platformed shoes made it feel like you were walking or bouncing on the moon. We can’t say they were flattering at all but it did make the ‘90s a great time to be alive!


Kids who were born after the ‘90s will not understand how exciting it was to wake up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons. Weekends were reserved for eating cereal in your pajamas while watching classics like The Rugrats and Courage the Cowardly Dog.


These troll dolls were the ultimate collector’s item in the ‘90s. Each doll came with a different brightly colored cone of hair. The only downside to these cute, big-eyed dolls is that their hair was incredibly difficult to comb!

10 things only ‘90s kids will get

The Rachel

Just about every hairstylist in the ‘90s knew what “The Rachel” meant. When Jenniffer Aniston rocked this layered hairstyle, it became an overnight sensation that no woman or girl could resist. It may have looked like a million bucks but no one really explained how much effort it would take to style it yourself.

The Macarena

If there was ever a song to sum up the ‘90s, The Macarena would be it. The dance moves were easy enough even for those with two left feet, but the hard part was trying to pronounce most of the words.


Most ‘90s kids will remember neglecting their homework to watch Total Request Live or TRL as most called it. Watching music videos and picking up the phone to vote for your favorite boy or girl band was the perfect way to spend the afternoon after a long day at school.

The ‘90s brought about some of the weirdest and most wonderful things, it’s hard to sum them all up, but we hope you enjoyed these great childhood memories.