In reality, the women of Fear the Walking Dead are alive and well

Fear the Walking Dead is a spin-off and companion series to AMC’s highly successful horror drama, The Walking Dead. While TWD focuses on a group of survivors a few weeks after the zombie apocalypse in Georgia, Fear starts off right at the beginning of the outbreak in Los Angeles and follows different characters altogether.

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The show revolves mainly around the a-typical family of Madison Clark – her daughter and her son (who’s dealing with substance abuse), along with her boyfriend, his son, and his ex-wife. The family attempts to survive the violent outbreak, together with the people who join them along the way.

Fear the Walking Dead puts a major focus on the women of the show – especially Madison, the smart and fierce main protagonist, and her daughter, Alicia. It features so many strong and self-sufficient females, who both fend for themselves and protect their families and loved ones from the impending dangers – whether it’s zombies or humans.

In 2013, it was announced that AMC were developing a prequel series to accompany The Walking Dead, which follows different characters than the original show. These characters were created by the comic book writer Robert Kirkman, who also created the comic books on which TWD is based on.


The show premiered in 2015 on AMC global, and while it received mixed reviews, it enjoyed phenomenal ratings in the beginning. The premiere attracted 10.1 million viewers in the U.S. alone, and the first season became the highest rated first season of any other series in cable history. Critics said that although the show draws many elements from TWD, it carries a moody tone and an engaging storyline, which manages to compete with the original.

While the show received great ratings in its first season, it suffered a steep drop during the following seasons two and three. To try and combat the loss of viewers, the showrunners decided to finally cross over the two shows – making a huge time jump at the beginning of season four and bringing the popular TWD character Morgan into the show.

It appears to have worked, since the first episode of season four with Morgan, and a few other newcomers like Maggie Grace, was very well received among viewers and critics. And now that Fear the Walking Dead is in the same timeline as The Walking Dead, the possibilities are endless.

The characters on this show may be completely different than the ones on TWD, but each and every one of them has its own backstory, motivations, and fears. The characters have always been the heart of both shows, because they mainly focus on how people would behave when facing these situations, and what conflicts they would have to face.

Fear the Walking Dead helped make The Walking Dead’s backstory more fleshed out (pun intended). And it manages to do this thanks to its riveting storylines, gruesomely visceral depictions of near-catastrophe, and its stellar cast. In particular, it is the female cast of the show who carries the dilemmas their characters face in a brutally honest way, making their fights for survival – as well as for their humanity – all the more compelling.

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