Modern militaries that use magic to help them

Humanity certainly has come a long way from using spears and bows and arrows. Now we use tanks, guns, planes, and missiles to fight our wars! Can you believe that generals and rulers of the past would consult the stars and try to use magic in order to win wars?

The goal of this project from the 1970s was to see if it was truly possible for people to remotely view documents, and use that ability to spy on the Soviets. The United States was convinced that the Soviets were doing the same thing, and America wanted to make sure that it was ahead of the curve.

The CIA went on to test hundreds of people for psychic and magical abilities, including world famous magician Uri Geller. They tested him for about eight days by putting him in a soundproof room and having researchers in a completely different building write words from the dictionary or draw pictures. Geller actually was able to write out the words and draw the pictures so accurately that the CIA wrote that he “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.” Wow!

Consulting stars in WWII

During World War Two the British needed a leg up on the Nazis. The United Kingdom was getting hit daily by Nazi rockets and air raids, and the Brits’ military strategy just wasn’t cutting it.

Well, it turns out some of this random, nonsensical Nazi military maneuvering was coming because one of Hitler’s advisors was pushing him on when and where to attack not based on strategy, but based on the stars. Thats right, Hitler was using an astrologer to plan his attacks! So the British decided to do the same thing – sort of.


Good military strategy involves being able to predict what your enemy may do, so the British actually hired their own astrologist – Louis de Wohl. He was able to look at astrological charts and come up with the things that Hitler’s astrologer advisor would be telling him to do. In fact, de Wohl drew up the star charts for every single day in 1943 so that the British would be able to know and accurately predict what Hitler’s astrologer would tell him!

Yes, dowsing rods

You’ve seen those old-timey movies where people out west look for water with sticks known as dowsing rods. As they get closer to water, the sticks will start to move almost on their own, and cross where the water is. This was supposedly how people knew where to dig wells.

But did you know that militaries all over the world still use these? In fact, during the Vietnam War, US soldiers swore by them, saying that the rods were able to find clean water, mines, and even Viet Cong tunnels!

More recently, the Estonian military used dowsing rods to search for roadside bombs before then US President George W. Bush visited the country in 2006. In fact, a US man recently sold the Iraqi army millions of dollars worth of fancy looking dowsing rods to search people and cars for bombs, a “tool” the Iraqis use even to this day.