This man built a life-size hobbit hole in his backyard


Making a dream come true

If we had the chance, many of us would take the opportunity to build our own homes from the ground upwards. We would design every little detail to suit our needs, we would spare no expense, and we would take inspiration from some of our favorite things to complete the project. Amazingly, many people have taken this opportunity and designed their own home based on a fictional piece of art. In this case, one man took his obsession with J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit to the next level and constructed his very own life-size Hobbit Hole in his backyard. Watch the whole project unfold…

The man in question

However, to truly understand this project, we need to know a little bit more about the man in question. So, who was the Hobbit enthusiast who decided to add a little taste of Hobbiton into his life? Well, say hello to Ashley Yeates! This British native has been obsessed with construction and design for as long as he can remember and spent most of his early years building toy buildings and jotting down doodles in his notepad. He later took this obsession and made it into a career, and studied for years to become a master of his craft. In fact, he is currently a successful designer and construction expert.

Planning the hole process

You’re probably wondering how Ashley came to build a life-size Hobbit Hole in his backyard, and you’re right to ask! After watching the films as a child and an adult, Ashley fell in love with the unique qualities of the Hobbit Hole. He loved the shape, the size, and the beauty of it – and knew that he wanted to incorporate these features into his own work. So, he enlisted the help of his friend and wrote down ideas of how to perfect this project. Ultimately, he knew that he just had to get started…

Wanting to shock the world

After Ashley completed his project, his construction project caught the attention of the worldwide media, and newspapers were itching to interview him. He eventually spoke to the Daily News about his project, and noted that he had previously dabbled in tiny spaces and smaller hideaways, and wanted to add another project to his repertoire. He also confessed that he loves to build “things that are going to shock people.” He documented this progress through this Tumblr page, and has since built up an impressive fan base – including The Hobbit fans!

Getting started

Digging the first hole is the hardest part of any construction process, and deciding when to start building can be a struggle. However, the decision seemed to be made for Ashley, as he believed fate intervened. While planning his project, he discovered that the apple tree in his backyard had rotted. He knew that there was no point keeping it there, so tore it down – leaving him with a large space in his backyard that needed to be filled. It was the perfect opportunity for Ashley and his Hobbit Hole.

Getting deeper and deeper

Throughout his years of experience within the construction industry, Ashley knew that he couldn’t build his structure without a solid foundation. To ensure that his Hobbit Hole would stand its ground, Ashley and his friend dug a hole deep into the ground. They wanted to ensure that the Hobbit Hole would be as stable as possible but knew that building straight onto the ground below would be a bad idea. It would not support the weight of his body and his visitors, and would not allow him to design the inside the way he wanted to.

Another trick up his sleeve

Thankfully, Ashley had another trick up his sleeve that would enable him to build a solid base. The pair invested in some wood and proceeded to make a wooden frame that slotted into the ground. They would then use this structure as a platform that would not only help them build the outside of the Hobbit Hole but also help them construct the interior. Once the platform was in place, the pair then sealed the outside with corrugated iron and used a waterproof barrier to seal it from the elements.

Mixed with nature

The beauty of a Hobbit Hole is that it perfectly interlinks with nature. They are built into the hills, and they are covered by all kinds of flora. To add this natural touch to his own Hobbit Hole, Ashley decided to place a layer of grass over the roof. Not only would this help him to seal the roof from the rain and any moisture, but it also looked more authentic to the Hobbit Holes he loved from The Hobbit franchise. The grass was the perfect addition to his fantasy theme.

Working on the inside

When the outside of the Hobbit Hole was complete, Ashley and his friend made their way inside to start work on the interior. Although they wanted to maintain the authentic feel of a Hobbit Hole, they also wanted to ensure that it was a practical space that could be used for personal use or entertaining. So, they incorporated a small kitchenette that could be used to prepare meals and drinks and even included a seating area for friends and family. With each new addition, Ashley was getting closer and closer to his goal.

Making his own

Throughout the construction project, Ashley ensured that everything they made was completely authentic and unique. They sourced local materials, and they used all of their manpower to create something wonderful. One of Ashley’s most prized projects was his old-fashioned Hobbit bench. Although this was largely made from wood, Ashley then used corduroy material to cover it and fitted the underside of the bench with a cabinet that could be used for storage. With such a small space to work with, these space-saving measures ensured that the Hole could be a practical space.

All of the mod cons

Although Ashley wanted to make his Hobbit Hole as life-like as possible, he also wanted to ensure that it could be used as a modern chill space. Because of this, he knew that he had to add a few mod cons onto his creation to make people as comfortable as possible. He didn’t want to go overboard with the modern additions but wanted to include dimming lights that could be changed depending on the mood, and an air cooling system that could regulate the inside temperature. After all, they were outside!

Ready for movie night

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Ashley also had another request. He wanted to kit his Hobbit Hole out like his very own movie theater. Because he was limited on space, he decided to install a drop-down projector that could be out of sight when it wasn’t being used. With a projector in tow, they could project some of the coolest movies onto the side of the Hobbit Hole and chill out on his homemade bench. Obviously, the first movie to christen this projector just had to be The Hobbit…

Space for more

After Ashley finished his Hobbit Hole, he wanted to show off what he had made. He invited his neighbors round to check it out, and he even let the neighborhood kids play in there. From this, he was able to determine that his real-life Hobbit Hole was able to comfortably fit three grown adults and a whopping ten kids! He had created the perfect fantastical addition to his home, but it seems that this new addition just wasn’t enough for Ashley. He wasn’t done with his construction work.

A special backyard

Although Ashley was over the moon to see his Hobbit Hole come to life, he thought that the rest of his backyard looked a little bland. So, he decided to look over all of the aspects of his land, and see what he could do to jazz the whole thing up a little. As he continued to pour over the finer details, he began to realize that his shed was becoming an eyesore. It was old, it was barely used, and it was taking up valuable space in his garden.

Taking on a new project

With this in mind, Ashley decided to take on a new construction project. He gave himself two months to completely transform the inside of his shed – and make it into an awesome indoor movie theater. He spoke to The Daily Express about his project and noted that his new home theater was “an incredibly immersive experience” that could only be achieved in such a small space. It was perfect for parties and date nights and had everything a normal movie theater has. In fact, what this movie theater includes will blow you away…

A true movie theater

With little space to work with, Ashley wanted to ensure that his project looked bigger on the inside than it did on the outside. Amazingly, he managed to fit seven plush chairs into the shed for his family and friends, with plenty of room for the electronics. Thankfully, he needs it! Ashley has kitted the shed out with a 94-inch cinema screen that features a cool 3D projector, top-of-the-range surround sound, and underfloor speakers that allow you to truly get lost in the experience.

Keeping it private

Yet, many have questioned whether this private movie theater could be a disruption to the neighbors – but it’s safe to say that Ashley has thought it all through. While building his creative construction project, Ashley made sure that the whole shed was soundproofed to perfection. He added six-inches of material to the outside of the shed, which means that you can close the door and not hear anything from the inside, even if the sound is turned up to full volume. With theater-style curtains as well, this shed looks incredible.

Sweet as candy

The piece de resistance of this whole project is the fact that Ashley has included the little touches we all love from a movie theater experience. In fact, he’s included his very own Pick-n-Mix counter, so that he will never not have theater snacks! Yet, Ashley’s movie theater isn’t just about movies. He has also connected an array of video consoles to the screen so that he and his friends can play video games on the big screen. Fancy another visitor, Ashley?

A new business venture

Ever since the world caught wind of the fact that Ashley has constructed his very own movie theater in his backyard, people from across the globe have got into contact with him. With the demand for these personal movie theaters up, Ashley decided to start a new business venture called The Torii Cinema Company. Within this new business, he offers film fanatics the chance to create their own custom cinemas, whether it’s within their own home, or in the shed in their backyard!

An impressive construction

Through his backyard cinema and his backyard Hobbit Hole, it’s fair to say that Ashley has one of the greatest backyards we have ever seen! Although he had little space to work with, he has managed to transform the simplest of areas and buildings into something we’re all jealous of. Yet, as The Hobbit fans, we have to confess that the movie theater just doesn’t come close to the epic Hobbit Hole. We wonder if he’s taking on any tenants because we will happily move in…