Jobs that could not be easily replaced by artificial intelligence

Many workers are being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence (AI), forcing people to be out of work. It is a scary thought that in the future humans might not be required for most jobs, which makes us wonder what we are all going to do instead? There are still some jobs, however, that artificial intelligence will not easily be able to replace.


Phew, that’s us safe for a little while longer at least! While artificial intelligence is capable of writing basic text, it doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of human emotion and nuances. You might have noticed when you type on your phone that the keyboard will often give you helpful suggestions. While these are helpful for difficult words to spell, the AI cannot form much in the way of sentences and stories. They can post automated social media messages, but can it write a book or TV show? Not yet!

Professional sports

While it might be cool to see a bunch of robots battle it out against each other, it won’t replace our love of live human sports. While TV shows like Robot Wars have been popular in the past, the fact that they are not mainstream sports bodes well for any athletes worried about being replaced by artificial intelligence. The drama that sport is able to create will not be the same if there is no human involvement, so you can still expect to be cheering on your favorite team for as long as you live.


Research has shown that people learn better with a human teacher. Learning from a machine can feel sterile, and there is none of the back and forth interaction students can have with their teachers. We aren’t sure a computer will be able to fully explain the artistic reasons behind a piece of art or music, and it probably wouldn’t be able to understand it either. The human suffering throughout history will be lost on a machine that understands the facts but will not understand the lessons we learn from the past.

Quality assurance

Perhaps there have been many machines to replace factory workers, but the quality assurance department will still be run by humans. Machines break down and occasionally throw out unexpected products that require inspection. Sure it might seem as though machines can work perfectly, but they are not there yet, so humans will still be required to make sure the work the robots are doing is of a good enough standard. Although we could build a quality assurance machine, what happens when that breaks down? Quality assurance jobs are safe for now!

Lawyers and politicians

We still need humans to fight our battles for us. Although many people might feel like politicians have no souls, imagine how much worse things would be if they were replaced by machines. Computers won’t be making new laws for citizens to live by as the machines won’t have to live by the same rules themselves. Putting machines in charge of our decisions is a recipe for disaster, like Skynet from The Terminator movies. Only instead of a science fiction movie, it’ll be our reality.

Machines are here to stay it seems. Many of us are having to move with the times and either adapt or get left behind. While this might be scary for many workers, there are still several jobs out there that are not at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence.